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Oh my! Fantastic news! I really wanted this, looks great. Can’t wait to listen to Frogfish.

A 3 disc CD set? Fuckin YES, MATE.

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Err yeah so while it pains me to advertise this, times are hard so fuck it: the 2xLP set ^^ is currently considerably cheaper over at Evil Jeff Bezos’ online bookstore.

I can’t see it listed there at all at the moment…

Nor I?
I went for the 2 x LP, 3 x CD, superfluous cassette bundle from the web store (was showing as sold out for the first couple of hours) the LP holds up the release by about 7 weeks, but this stuff’ll get shoved in a crate anyway.

Type ‘The Cure Wish 30th’ in the search field and it should come up. Currently £25.72

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Thanks for the tip!

This is lovely.

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anyone know what Dim D mix means? Am I missing something super obvious?

it might be a reference to the Roland Dimension D?

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I just had to look that up, and I’m not confident I really grasp what it is but yeah it could be

Get over into the Siouxsie & the Banshees HGATR thread and vote for this folks please…


Woke up 4:45 today with the radio playing a Robert Smith sung song that was totally new to me, managed to stay awake long enough before nodding off again to see what it was

It’s a John Martyn cover which dates back to 2011 and a tribute album, Johnny Boy Would Love This. I think it’s quite beautiful, checked out the original and that’s super dreamy too so I’m going to do some ironing and listen to the album it came from.


Yeah, last track on One World, my second favourite John Martyn album. Enjoy, it’s a mellow listen …

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I really enjoyed the back half of it particularly, absolutely smitten with Small Hours.

Which is your favourite? Until today I only knew Solid Air and Inside Out

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Yep, Solid Air is my #1, but Small Hours has a fair shout at being the best thing he ever wrote/recorded. So there is that. Don’t revisit Inside Out much, but this exchange has got me thinking I should give it another listen. Also, they say that the Deluxe CD edition of One World is worth a listen for its live tracks and studio outtakes, so I might also give that a go (assuming it’s on Deezer) …

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Smith: “We will be playing from October and the new album will be out before then”

They’re cutting it a bit fine, tour starts next week. Have I missed any new album news or was he just trolling me again like he has been for years and years.


Got 2 spare tickets for the Gothenburg date and looks like no resales :grimacing: