The Cure - new album

I wonder how many years it’ll be until they release it??

I haven’t bothered with a Cure album since Wild Mood Swings. It’d be great if this was good.

I thought Bloodflowers was better than Wild Mood Swings, but the others weren’t up to much.

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I’m pretty sure it objectively IS better, but I remember it being sold as ‘THE NEW DISINTEGRATION’ and it is such a long way from being that that I found it an enormous disappointment.


It’s seen as a trilogy with Disintegration and Pornography. Hence the link.

do we know who produced it? My 20 years ago self says sure I’d love to hear some new Cure, my current self is saying ehhh. I’ll probably still hear it though.

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first 5 minutes of this are a tear-jerker

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After enough years had passed, I was able to go back to it and appreciate it for what it is — with one crucial modification, though: I deleted “Where the Birds Always Sing”.

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The trilogy that kept on being revised. In the first instance, it was Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography. Then it was Faith, Pornography and Disintegration. Then it became Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers.

I’ll always listen to a new Cure album. Not expecting a lot, but even the worst ones have a decent song or two. There’s no way in hell I’ll be forking out cash for it, though.

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Disintegration is 30 years old today.

It’s a bit good still.


Gave Disintegration a spin this morning - such an epic record. Even the cheesy 80s synths still sound fantastic.


I think the secret weapon all along is his voice, i was listening to Untitled (from Disintegration) and there really is just something about the way he sings. Maybe it’s because it isn’t ‘technically’ good but fuck knows.

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