The Cure — Rolling (Glasgow Gig Chat Phase)

A new remix album. Anyone listened to this?

Was a record store day thing, though I only just found out about it. Some very interesting choices of songs for remixing (e.g. Three Imaginary Boys, Drowning Man, M, Strange Day). One from each album.

RS pressing the buttons, so no idea what they’ll sound like. Keen to give it a shot, though.


Mixed Up was my introduction to the Cure, and I rinsed it then and still love it to this day. I still prefer most of the mixed versions to the originals. I’d be surprised if this was as good (both in terms of source tracks and quality of remixing)…


Snap. Mixed Up was the first Cure album I owned and it blew my mind…obsession with the band followed!


I bought this on RSD, but haven’t got round to listening to it yet.
A normal vinyl and CD version of it is coming out some time in June. Presume it will be on Spotify etc. at this stage too.

I’m definitely intrigued by his decision to do this (going through every album and all that), seeing as I seem to remember him saying that the next Cure album proper was going to be quite a radical departure

just going by the tracklist this is a massive meh. it’s just the same songs being remixed. and disc 3 are ‘robert smith’ mixes. pure cashgrab.

Think you must be looking at the full 3CD set, and not the Record Store Day release

The 3CD set is part of the remaster deluxe editions of the Cure’s back catalogue, which has been happening in fits and starts for ten years or more now. Last one was Disintegration in 2010. The one you’ve seen is the Mixed Up remaster (disc 1); with rarities including Mixed Up b-sides and original 12" mixes of singles from the 80s (disc 2); and Torn Down (disc 3), which is a new set of remixes done by Smith, and only one of these (Never Enough) is a mix of a song that was on Mixed Up.

The RSD release was Torn Down on its own, though I think the Mixed Up remaster was also available separately on RSD.

So, insofar as remastered Deluxe Editions are always a kind of cash grab, this is one too, but not really any more cynical than that.

FWIW, I quite like a lot of these mixes. They’re not as out there as some of the Mixed Up remixes, but Smith has done a decent job of bringing out another dimension to each song. Helps that he’s chosen a lot of my favourite album tracks (Three Imaginary Boys, A Strange Day, Like Cockatoos). I like the remixes of earlier songs more than the later ones, but that undoubtedly reflects the superior quality of the early material over the later stuff.

Was the mine and the TV’s anniversary yesterday (9 years - you’d get less for murder lolololol. Probably.) and she got me this:

She knows how to make me happy :heart:



(Congrats on the anniversary too)

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This is pretty damn good.

(now a general cure thread)

They’re playing Dublin! Half of me is super excited, but I’m not sure if spending close to £150 would be worth it…

They were amazing in London this summer


Managed to get ‘Torn Down’ on Record Store Day. I’ve kept it sealed, as having listened to the mixes, it comes in way short of ‘Mixed Up’.

How is it £150? Is it a festival?

Saw them 2 years ago in Manchester and it was £40 and Hyde Park was a bit more than that for an all day/festival thing but still think it was reasonable :thinking:

They are everything you want them to be live though so if it is bucket list then I say take the hit, they’re amazing. I went as a casual fan and it made me love them a whole lot more.

Aye where’d you see the ticket info/prices?

it’s in Dublin so i’d imagine it’d be a £80-100 ticket, add on transport from Belfast and food it’d bring me up to that price. Still, they do play a greatest hits set so ehhh… i’ll see :open_mouth:

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Just assuming for a band their size it’d be that price.

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Ireland gets ripped off for the big gigs

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Apparently only £70 now. Much better than Metallica who are on the same day which was Over £100 I believe.

Holding out that they might be at glasto, my friends are all saving up for April release tickets now :scream:

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Glasgow, y’all. With Mogwai and the Twilight Sad. :open_mouth: