The Cure


Band I loved as a teenager before kind of tiring of them after Disintergration, perhaps I’d ceased being a misery guts by the early 1990s.

Anyway what is:

  1. Favourite Cure song.
  2. Favourite Cure album.

For me:


Got to go with 1) “Plainsong” and 2) “Disintegration”.

Still cycle through their back catalogue on a regular basis, great bunch of lads…

  1. Lullaby
  2. Disintegration


4 years ago my favourite would have been head in the door, now it’s probably Faith or seventeen seconds. Chris Ott has a really good set of writing on them which you can find on one week one band.


Song; Lovesong

Album; Wish


Just like heaven is maybe my favourite song full stop. Disintegration is my favourite album tho


Oh, snap!


A Forest


Coincidentally those are also the answers to the questions

Where did you spend a lot of your youth?
What did you find there?


Track: Disintegration
Album: Seventeen Seconds or Faith

Really boring answer. One of those bands that I can’t listen to much anymore because all that teenage angst comes flooding back.


Pretty much my opinion too.


Exactly this.

Get goosebumps every time I hear Just Like Heaven. That final verse :sob:


One Hundred Years


A Forest

Not sure Disintegration is objectively their best album, but on an emotional level, from the start of Plainsong and onwards I’m thrown by it.


I would go for exactly the same combo


Song - Before Three

Album - Disintegration, obviously.


Song: In between days
Album: Disintegration


I probably listen to Disintegration and Head on the Door the most frequently though as both albums are good to drive to :smile:


Really difficult to choose just one song from such an incredible body of work.

Song: Just Like Heaven
Album: Disintegration


Yeah, this exactly.