the daily discussion thread // le fil de discussion quotidien

How’s it going? Have any good dreams? What are you going to do today? What’s for breakfast? How tired are you right now on a scale of 1-10? What are you looking forward to? How is it only Tuesday?


Got a company wide team meeting in a hotel about an hours walk away so gonna walk it. Probably gonna announce some redundies.

No breakfast but might treat myself to a nice lunch after. Maybe at the hotel.

How are you?


I’m very tired and hungry

Just had some toast, I will be be leaving for work very soon but not got a huge amount to do today so that’s nice.

Never less than a 7, this morning probably 7.5.

Rainy day today, which reflects my mood. Very tired, probably a 7/10 (with 10 being apocalyptically tired) but I have a very nice coffee which helps.

Day 1 of Xylo Kitchen Madness.

This fella is being ripped out.

The cats are currently trapped with me in the lounge and are extremely fucking angry and also terrified of the sounds of the kitchen being obliterated.


Got a week off work so a rare chilled out period for me, although going to a late night showing of John Wick: Chapter 4 maybe wasn’t such a swell idea in terms of getting a good sleep as i only got 5 hours. don’t feel to shabby though, lets say a 5/10 on the tiredness scale. wife and daughter are in wales until tomorrow so got the house (mostly) to myself. i’m going to play guitar for an hour now, do some breathing exercises, then potter around the house singing all day.

There’s a british heart foundation near me that i’ve not been into for a month or so that keeps getting ace clothes in so i might pop in there this afternoon.

Going to watch ‘jean de florette’ later which i’ve never seen. looking forward to that.


Great day


Yeah not too bad for a Tuesday

I had a dream that I was in a car - possibly with Theo as the driver? - and we took a turning off a motorway/dual carriageway. And rather than curving round the exit slip road, we just kept going forward and ended up crashing and I woke up with a jump.

Work :confused: got a couple of meetings I CBA with

Shredded Wheat and granola

A solid 6

I’m in that work busyness mode where I’m struggling to look forward to stuff tbh. But the sun is shining so I’m looking forward to a sunny weekend :sun_with_face:

Goodness knows. Bloody coronation.

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Can’t believe I have to work five whole days this week


Can’t complain. Only a 3/10 tired and I’ve not finished my coffee (although I have popped my meth) so that’s good.

Going to get driven to the great metropolis of Bury St Edmunds so my pal can practice ahead of their driving test. Dunno when because a client is dicking me around on meeting timing.

That’s it.

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  • going fine as of now
  • had a weird dream of my parents rowing on holiday and my mum screaming at my dad “that’s what you get for being an INFORMANT!!” some interesting psychology there for sure
  • going to do a lazy return to work day, walk to the Ticket shop to pick up my physical gig tickets (fuck E-tickets) then make use of the tickets later to attend a gig concert
  • cereal and oat milk probs, plus 2 coffees
  • gigs today and tomorrow and hopefully Saturday too
  • a solid 6 tired, nothing bad but definitely not refreshed
  • the passage of time remains a mystery to us all

Mrs Horse is in the office today but I’m not. I made the mistake of half waking up and saying, “good morning” with one eye open, to which I got a, “GIVE ME A LIFT PLEASE” in response. I gave the lift. And then I did some yoga. I’ll take my medal now pls.

I’m working from the sofa with a sleepy cat and I’ll be watching some Japanese wrestling while doing some light admin for most of the morning. Could be worse.

Hope you’re all well.

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I had some real nightmares.

One where I was living with and loyal to someone who it turned out had killed someone and hidden the body in a painting. And people were starting to get suspicious.

Another one where we all were given the option to either (1) die or (2) join forces with an evil unifying force that was going to make everything in the universe whole. The more people who joined the more powerful it would become.

I chose dying. To do this we went through security, like x-ray machine etc. Then on the other side, being dead was basically just a smoking area and it was really chill.

Then another one where there was a dragon blowing fire on us. We went to seek refuge in a pond but it was full of crocodiles :crocodile:


Yeah fine. Haven’t got out of bed properly yet though.

Not that I can remember

Dog walk this morning. Work this afternoon.

Cup of tea and piece of cake

About a 3 I reckon.

Finishing work at 9pm and then 2 days off. Picking up my new bike tomorrow.

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going to draw some more videogames


Cereal upgraded to weird bacon kimchi tomato hot sauce brioche roll

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Won’t the milk make it all soggy?

You’re better than that

I believe in youuuuu