The Daily Mash

Used to love it, found it very funny. Enjoyed the horoscopes thing they did. Then it turned into that TV programme which I refuse to watch because it just doesn’t work for me in that format.

Now I just follow it on the old Facey B, to occasionally snigger at the headlines. Rarely click a link.

Besides me just getting a bit bored of it, I think I’ve noticed it getting a bit sneery. A bit punching down. Like “you like this thing, and therefore are worthless”. Doesn’t sit right.

What do you all think about The Daily Mash? Has it even entered your consciousness in the last decade? Are you as bored as I am? Gone right off it me.

Can’t eat it daily, but I do enjoy it with a nice sausage


Not as good as the Onion.

The headline is all you need.

Quite good when it hits but I don’t gravitate towards it, just hear about it when it gets linked to on here.


For this reason the fast paced headlines bit with the 2 anchors is the best part.
Nish’s rants are alright. The other bits are bad.

I read it every day. I have do something with my day and it sure isn’t going to be work if I can help it. Quite a lot of it is pretty formulaic, but every now and again they still absolutely nail it. Also at least one of their writers has a very creative way with words which I appreciate.

Not sure I’ve seen examples of what you describe, but I guess it’s kind of inevitable if you’re going to write six separate pieces a day on why human beings are plonkers.

Sample of today’s output the targets are

Poncey gastropubs
Electric car drivers
Sopranos fans
The government
and the medical establishment

So apart from the lovely government they’re all fair game.

I don’t like it, but I don’t think people that do are worthless

i get it confused with the daily beast which is apparently a proper news thing but everything they do is behind a paywall so i’ll never know