The Daily Mirror

I am curious as to what people generally think of The Daily Mirror as a newspaper, as it occupies a fairly odd position in the UK media landscape as a fairly left-leaning tabloid. I have never really read it, but was wondering why it isn’t a bigger player in the left. I am aware it has done ethically-dubious stuff in the past as well.

On a similar vein, I read a discarded Sunday Sport on…well…Sunday for the football results and I’m not sure when I’ve read it in the past I noticed that all the stories are made up.

It’s fairly less objectionable than its competitors but it’s still pretty shit

just a bit nothingy isnt it

I used to read it every day in the in the early 2000s when it was the only tabloid which seemed to be against the Iraq War.

Piers Morgan was the editor then and in my teenage/early 20s naivety I regarded him as some sort of left wing hero. I felt sorry for him when he got taken in by the fake Iraq torture photos. I sometimes wonder now whether Morgan just thought he had spotted a gap in the market for an alternative voice, or whether he genuinely believed what the paper was saying. If it’s the latter then Christ knows what happened to upset him in the last few years.

I don’t really think it gains much on its other red-topped tabloids by being a little more ‘lefty’ in outlook. It’s still largely sensationalist bullshit.

Yeah I don’t think “it’s better than the others because it accords with the way I think about things” is a particularly good analytical starting point.

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That said whenever there’s something going round like “look at what x tabloid’s done it’s fucking awful” it doesn’t ever seem to be The Mirror, so that’s to it’s credit I suppose.

That’s not quite true, they were heavily involved in phone hacking as well. For some reason they seemed to get off a bit lighter than The Sun but it was very much part of the culture at the Daily Mirror as well.

True - I was more looking at it from a cultural point of view than a proprietorial point of view mind.

I take your point there, but at the same time, when you’re faced with the dire sensationalism of the Mail and the Express, I would’ve thought it was reassuring to have a paper attacking the Tories in the same way. Again, I have only asked, as I don’t know much about the paper and was wondering where it generally stands with DiS.

Seems like a pretty good starting point.

For selecting a newspaper you might want to read, sure.

I gave up on The Mirror/Sunday Mirror when they bolloxed the Lee Bowyer/Jonathan Woodgate trial