The Daily Thread: NYE Special

Last daily thread of the year. Last daily thread of the decade even.

I’m at work. Should be over and done by 3 PM. What are you up to?


Working til 1, couple drinks with workmates, off home to shower and change/possible quick nap , off back out at 7

I’ve made a shite cup of coffee. Hogmanay’s cancelled.

In work today. Take away curry to look forward to this evening.

Going to make pancakes, then going to Yes for an afternoon party, then going to make fried gnocchi later and get in touch with an old friend I miss. Might do some writing tonight.


Think my nose has entirely stopped working, can’t breathe :slight_smile: Off to the drama filled wedding today, I’m sure it will be fine in the end but not enthused at all, not in the mood to drink my fancy beers I brought for it and not even sure I’ll be able to taste them. Then into Dublin for cocktails and fireworks then try to ditch the group ASAP to get to bed :sleeping:

Party pooper, moi?! How dare you.

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Good morning,

My little sisters alarm has been going off non stop for ten minutes. Why have an alarm sound that you know doesn’t wake you up?! (it was going for 20 minutes at our house the other week before I realised what it ws and went and woke her up.)

Going to the Isle of Skye today. Hope the drive is as beautiful as yesterday but also I don’t because I want to fit in some reading :nerd_face:

Bisous x


You can car read?? Impressive.

Also Skye is beut, spent a lot of family holidays there as a kid.


Ill off work with the flu for a second day :nauseated_face: was ill all weekend too, had enough of it now. I never get ill, this is horrible, is this how mortality feels?

Ah ffs, just saw a mouse. So conflicted. How can I have other mice then need to get rid of a little wild one (and why does a wild one freak me out so much?!)

Looked like it was conspiring with Mouse and Cow, it was near the cage anyway because I thought it was one of them that had escaped at first. Maybe they’ve been domesticating it themselves, getting it to send messages to the outside mouse world for them


Looks like it’s gonna be carnage here tonight. Lots of Nepalese police dressed like army guys with massive sticks and ak47s.

Morning, first day off for a week. Slept in until 3:30 am. :disappointed_relieved:, going to sit in the den and listen to ambient music until Mrs Ny gets up.

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I’m on my Christmas brea. kiddo has eaten breakfast for the first time in a week (1 Weetabix with 2 strawberries and 5 raspberries). Pretty happy. Gonna shower, get breakfast and then go a Brewery (can’t decide on whether to go to unity in Southampton, or Dark Revolution in Salisbury) to get beers for tonight. Driving to deepest @profk country later for NYE. Having curry made for us Henman fist pump


Easy! Just been brought a black coffee and some marmited up crumpets in bed - glad to be bowing out of 2019 on such a high.

Heading to see Parasite later which should finish up around 23:30 and then the cinema have opened up their member’s bar for scum like me and my wife to join their crappy club for jerks for one night only to see in the new year. Free fizzy wine though isn’t it, can’t turn that down can I.


Hey all,

Any suggestions for half decent things/events/gigs I could still Go to in Glasgow Tonight as I’m here visiting family.

I’m just hanging around the city and kelvin grove gallery today I think.

Ooo, can i join???



I’m going to have to relent, turn on the computer, and actually do some work this morning.

Dropping the kids of with my mam this afternoon, and heading into Canterbury for Moroccan food with Mrs W.

In many ways we are all part of a crappy club for jerks. HNY warny!


Just found some proper cheese for the first time in 3 months :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: