The Daily Thread Of 29/08/2018 has a name, and its name is Wyndham



Today is my Friday motherflippers.!

Went for a burger last night with a palaroo, had the kimchi veggie one and it was very nice.

Was gonna do some cleaning when I got back but was knackered so fucked about for a couple of hours and then thought “FUCKING HELL, I had the chance for an early night tonight and now it’s midnight!”.

Volleyball tonight then my wife (my wife!) is back tomorrow morning. Going for a cycling holiday for a week with her but daren’t post about it in the relevant thread because they all seem a bit intense.



Is it named Wyndham because it’s EARLy?


Hiya mao :wave:. I’m just back from the cinema and stupidly drank a can of coke so I won’t be sleeping anytime soon. Where are you going cycling? I hope it’s somewhere flat.


We will never know


Enjoyed this sentence couplet.

Staying in a national park in The Netherlands some place north of Ede. All flat here so none of those bastard hills to contend with.

Was it a North American sized cinema cola? That’s a lot of caffeine. Edit: No it wasn’t you said can


Mao? She dun you good!

(Doesn’t really work, sorry.)


Haha yes I meant to say flat.

I don’t like being in a different time zone to the rest of DiS :confused:


WFH. Too much to do. Team is too small. CBA but have to B extra A instead.


Massive empathy with you there, it’s annoying innit




Morning maoam. I’m running late for work (had an essential pram part in the back of the car, so had to turn around part way through the drive in). Hugely CBA with today. Waiting to find out if and when I’ll be getting a manager. Might continue to look at jobs and do nothing about it


Morning all

Still in bed, yesssssss, Wednesday already thank god

Gotta go back to my psych this afternoon, gotta leave work early, hope people don’t make a big deal out of it. At least I get to leave early though.

Worried about weighing myself this morning, although I didn’t eat that much yesterday I feel heavy.

Nothing else to report.


Do something about it. Please :pray:.


Knew you’d say that.


Just apply for one to keep me quiet


Honestly thought I had found a good one, handily working at the school my partner teaches at (something along the lines of a seclusion liaison manager, so chances it would be tough work and occasionally bleak). Paid the same as my customer assistants get here. Was pretty shocked


Can you afford to take a pay cut?


About £7.5k, so no not really



Doctors appointment in a bit about this lump on my foot. Then work. Then Wednesday night bike ride. Then pints.


got my therapist before work and a wine reception about ‘fake news’ after work