The Daily Thread Of 29/08/2018 has a name, and its name is Wyndham

Hey @meowington this is happening :grinning:

What a fucking great shout :grinning::+1::drooling_face:


can’t remember the last day I didn’t eat one of these

what a treat


Yassssssssssss show us which one you get!!!

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Was just feeling a bit bored and thought I might go to the local cinema. Options

  • Mamma Mia 2
  • The Spy who dumped me
  • Pleaae, do not do this to yourself

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I saw The Spy Who Dumped Me two nights ago. This is not your kind of film unlucky, don’t do it to yourself.

Mamma Mia might be a bit too jolly for you too.

Actually you’ve got no intentions of going to see either of these, have you?

Based on the normal DiS poll rules of ignoring what DiS tells you to do, he has to see one of them.

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Got my fringe cut.

Less Winkleman more scrapheap lady. Saving it for the selfie thread and when I get to de bouff it…


I was in Brighton five minutes before I passed a guy walking down the street playing an accordion with the smuggest look on his face. I often wonder if these are actors employed by the council to keep up the boho vibe of this place.

Winkleman’s fringe makes my eyes tickle, it needs a few more millimetres off I think.

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I’m a big fan but too long fringes and glasses can be an issue…

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Ha, was thinking about this guy on the way home. Whatever is he up to now?

Anyway, I meant WD lady.


He’s in Red Dwarf still afaik.

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Just gonna be a total arsehole and draw people’s attention to this post.



Decided to walk the dog and finish my book instead… due to the results of the poll.

Lets face it you were never going to see Mamma Mia

Hey I’m a poll result respecter

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The last thing we need around here is people to start respecting the polls

We were gonna get a sandwich and go but decided we wanted a seat so went inside and ordered this meat and cheese platter :grimacing::grimacing::grinning:
I ordered a particular glass of wine and the guy told me ‘no, you have this one’ and pointed to another which was awesome. They were such a lovely bunch and the food and wine was excellent.