The Dark Tower TV series and Film thread

Seems like it’s going to be Book IV. Not sure how they’ll fit all the books 1 to 3 stuff into one film?

Excited and apprehensive about this whole thing. Absolutely love the books.


Ha bump cos I just found this thread. Enjoyed the first three or four books but I thought it got really goofy and bloated towards the end. The Wolves were such a letdown when they turned up. And the bumpkin speak, thankee sai and all that shit… nah mate.

However i really liked the ending although I know a few people hate it. Thought it tied perfectly into the theme of Ka being a wheel.

Have you read the comics? They’re pretty great as far as adaptations go. Just working my way through the prequel books now i finished the direct adaptations.

Yeah I think books 1 to 4 are amazing, particularly when I’ve re-read them.

Books 5, 6 and 7 are so variable in quality.

Low Men in Yellow Coats and Black House are both more satisfying Dark Tower reads than 5 6 or 7 for me.

There’s a really good podcast series walking though the books in lots of detail called Radio Free Midworld. Really entertaining discussions of the story and characters.


I love how freaky the low men are. That story’s the one from Hearts in Atlantis isn’t it? That whole book is heartbreaking and beautiful. Think he nailed their otherworldliness, like the lost pet posters, and I love the idea of them driving grotesque 50s style Cadillacs and so on.

I would be really interested in reading/watching some sort of pre-prequel following the last years of the great old ones, showing us how they merged tech and magic and destroyed themselves 10000 years or whatever before Roland’s time. In my head I see the aesthetic as being a mix of like Silicon Valley tech, steam punk, magic realism, Blade Runner, Final Fantasy 7 & 8. Could even have Flagg working with Maerlyn to being the world to ruin, etc. Whole new cast of characters, explore how they built the cyborg guardians, Lud, Blaine, etc. Think I should pitch this to Marvel.

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Great podcast.

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Those guys are great - their video games podcasts are terrific as well. It’s also been a good way of refreshing my memories of the story without re-reading.

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Can’t help but feeling that the movie will be guff at this stage. Rolands costume seems completely shit, they pushed it back by 4 months and there is still no trailer! A real shame!

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Not to mention it’s being made by sony :frowning:


No doubt the movie will be poor but I love Idris and I’m curious to see what Matthew McC does with Flagg.

Can’t see it translating too well to screen if they do a really faithful adaptation. Think they need to aim more for the general spirit of the books.

Just finished reading the comic books detailing Roland’s younger days, and I have to say I really enjoyed them. King came up with the basics of a really fascinating world but after the 4th book he made a hash of it. I like the comic writer’s idea of taking King’s basic world and crafting their own story. The internal logic is much more consistent and when they adapt the Hambry/Susan Delgado/Big Coffin Hunters story the way they tell it is so much slicker, leaner, more exciting and more comprehensible it’s unreal compared to King’s bloated and pretty sluggish original.

Would recommend. They also have more background on the history of All-World which is something I really dig.

Basically Stephen King needs a better editor.

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Trailer today?

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All things serve the Beam.

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Real nerds of DiS, did you download your Sombra Co. app? Has a North Central Positronics scanner you can use to find…interesting stuff.

FYI McC will be the second actor to play the Man in Black/Walter O’Dim after this guy:

Wonder what name he’ll have. Maybe not Randall Flagg yet unless they plan to do a Marvel Universe thing and make some of the other stuff he’s in like The Stand?

This is the first I’ve heard of this thing.

That said I don’t really bother with apps so I won’t be bothering with this.

Film The Eyes of the Dragon before going near another version of The Stand, IMO.

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should i read these books then?


But be prepared for the quality of Books 1 to 4 to exceed the others by some distance. And for Book 1 to be quite different stylistically from Books 2, 3 and 4.

If you’re a Stephen King fan you’ll probably get more from them than others.

After you’ve read Book 4 it’s worth reading both Hearts in Atlantis and Black House before you begin on Book 5.

(Before reading Black House it’s worth reading The Talisman.)