The Dark Tower TV series and Film thread



Oh shit here is the trailer:

Still ambivalent about the film but I will say I would have preferred Big Dris to speak with his own accent. Weird this one sounds so dodgy considering I didn’t even know he was a Brit until the 3rd season of The Wire. Always heard Roland as an English guy anyway in the books. He’s a cowboy yeah but it’s a fantasy world where cowboys are knights errant and nobody can remember why robots are there.


Mate, the trailer was posted in here hours ago!



But as for the accent: his Wire accent is pretty specific and I wouldn’t expect it to be the right one for a Gunslinger. It’s hard to judge accents in trailers though. Everyone said Doctor Strange was great but the trailer just made BC’s accent seem ludicrous.


That’s what I mean tho, Baltimore accent is quite hard esp for a Brit and he nailed it.


Fucks sake why didn’t that show up.

Yeah the kid better have the same story as in the book it shows how badass Roland is.


So apparently the film is really bad.




I was hoping for the best, but it seems like the more information that came out, the more worrying it got.


the trailer looks absolutely horrendous


Yeah, not sure how anyone can watch that and think anything good was going to come of this. Aside from making the main character black and thereby causing the worst people on the internet to spit their dummies out anyway



Always seemed like a tall order to try to film something like this. Shame they’ve completely fucked it then. :frowning:


disappointed that this thread isn’t about this


‘Matt Prigge, Metro
“King has inspired plenty of terrible movies before; we guesstimate the number at around 40 to 50. But The Dark Tower has to sting.”’



I’m still gonna see it


was really weird to see a friend who hasn’t seen the movie voraciously defend it from critics. None of the reviews I’ve seen seemed especially ignorant of the source material and certainly it’s not too hard to believe that the story could easily have lead to a shit adaptation. The defense is also really weird coming from someone who’s one of those fanboys who gets irked at minor changes. He’s also defended Prometheus.


Saw this last night.

An odd experience as I felt that it was alright for what it was, but I felt that if I hadn’t read the books, I’d be mostly lost, yet as a fan, a lot of the changes just seemed like really odd choices for what is, in theory, a beginning for a new series (it plays as a very condensed version of the series.)


Hmm, thanks for the review. So neither a film for book readers or a film for everyone? Whoops.


Saw a comment on AVClub that I 100% agreed with, which is what’s frustrating about this is that it should have been a risk-free project. The first Dark Tower book is lean and mean as fuck, basically a cowboy story with a few trippy bits attached. Someone like Cuaron or even Rodriguez could have cranked it out as a stand-alone at relatively low cost and time. If it doesn’t work nothing much is lost, if it does you’ve got a film that works on its own merits and is a perfect gateway to the more ambitious later books.

Instead they tootled around for seven odd years and wasted a massive budget on… whatever they thought they were doing. Fans aren’t impressed with it, non-fans don’t know what to make of it. A failure on every level really.


Gah reviews do sound pretty shite, eh?

Anyone listening to the Radio Free Midworld podcast walking through the books? I’m halfway through the series on the third book. All the guests are so good.


If this is as bad as everyone says it is, it’ll be a real shame. A film/TV adaption of this could have really ironed out the inconsistencies in the books, and the cast seemed pretty dead on the money as well. A shame