The Dark Tower TV series and Film thread



it probably wont get that far now, but doesn’t stephen king write himself into the books at some point? was he planning to play himself?

there’ll probably be a reboot in 3 years anyway


I’m going to assume that plot point would be dropped entirely, I hope. Maybe they could keep the quasi-sequelness of the movie as a way to explain the changes.


Yes and it’s spectacularly ham-fisted. I was so invested by that point that I mainly enjoyed it for how shit it was :grinning:


like… how does it even work? i quite enjoyed the first book because it was so elusive, but when the story started to emerge i lost interest. started the second book once or twice and just cba.


2nd book is definitely my favourite. Fast and clever in the way it unfolds Jake’s story, and the next two continue it well.

The books are about joining worlds though. He pulls in Wizard of Oz references and the like and that works but book 5 somehow fails to match this and references Harry Potter and Salem’s Lot.

What happens is the real NYC world is our world and because King is the writer they come through to see him. IIRC it’s all about them forcing him to finish the book for them.

I’m probably alone in finding his inclusion also quite interesting I’m a sort of weird way.


Just been to see this, having not read the books.

It isn’t good. It’s not out and out terrible, but it is not good. The plot makes basic sense, but there are many elements which I assume are explained in the books and are in no way explained in the film (the characters who are rats or something with fake skin, a living house, who the man in black is and what his motives are).

I did enjoy the gunslinging parts on a very basic level.


As someone who has read the books:

Don’t ever recall these, sorry.

Um…I don’t think this was ever explained precisely. A lot of what’s in the books is just sort of weird but you go with it.

You never really know this. He’s also the main villain in The Stand and Eyes of the Dragon, FWIW.