The Dark Web

I have been on the Dark Web twice, it did feel very dodgy. Saw a hitman’s webpage though which was fun.

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I don’t want to give them free advertising.

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It’s all about onions apparently.



Wondered if someone would weigh in with this or the video game, happy either way.


The whole story is very weird.

Her post-ordeal reaction - happily posing for the cameras - comes across very strangely, though I guess I have no barometer for how someone should act after going through that, and I guess if she’s a model, it’s kind of her natural mode.

I imagine there’s more to come though.

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Is simply going on the Dark Web actually illegal? I feel like it kind of should be.

god I was close to posting an agent 47 pic, thought better though obviously. too low hanging even for my standards.

You can’t search for it because it exists on an overlay network which uses the internet but needs certain software, like TOR to access. It’s a little like VPN which you’ve probably used at some point except your connection is anonymised

Hosting is provided by a technology called I2P which unlike the regular internet doesn’t require any details to host a website making the parties hosting the website essentially anonymous.

In modern patois ‘dark’ means ‘good’ doesn’t it?

This is now The Good Web thread.

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Dunno. I’ve seen a couple of articles getting dark web and deep web confused though, without really explaining which one this case refers to.

I’ve never investigated beyond reading a couple of summary articles, but essentially, you download some software from that allows you to access a whole host of websites that aren’t available on the public internet in the same way you can access other websites.

Because they’re hidden and only accessible via the Tor network, you can’t search for them through the search engines/directories we tend to use, but they can (with the right software) be accessible through a normal web browser using domain names ending in .onion. So URLs can be spread around in the normal ways, although you won’t find too many references to http://www.murderbay.onion on the internet for obvious reasons!

(btw, the whole onion thing comes from the way traffic on Tor is encrypted; in a whole series of layers which are peeled off like onion skin.)

yeah, imagine all the pages to be black but with really gaudy neon buttons advertising drugs and guns, and everything looks like it was designed in the mid-90s.


as far as I’m aware* it’s just unlisted websites, and most of it is like bank data and various encrypted information. journalists use it quite a lot apparently.

*I barely know anything about it

edit: then again maybe this is the deep web

Every page is like the old Space Jam site.



Yeah terrible as a lot of stuff on there is, it’s essentially a collective name for several anonymising technologies all of which are legal. Outlawing it would be along similar lines to outlawing something like whatsapp or telegram.

that’s The Deep Web.

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fully on board

Alright Theresa May :wink: