The Dashboard Melted But We Still Had The Radio

Thanks for this, just stuck The Moon & Antarctica on :slight_smile:

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My bestest Modest Mouse song is the epic ‘Edit the Sad Parts’

I’m gonna listen right now.


This is one of those records that I listened to solidly for six months when it came out but hardty ever since

Have it on now - still great

I think its aged better than Good News?

Like at the time I thought Good News was the superior of the two but now I find Good News a bit ‘tired’ still good but I rarely fancy going back to it. Whereas I’ve grown to appreciate record more as time has gone on.

Yeah, I also haven’t listened to Good News for years but this seems a lot more fun? I remember really liking Good News but felt like a move to a softer, safer sound

That said, just got to Missed the Boat - that’s pretty MOR

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Was listening to that the other day (just seen loads of early MM is on Bandcamp now). Its absence on Building Nothing Out Of Something is the only thing that stops that comp from being perfect.

Lonesome Crowded West is still pretty much a perfect record, yes it is

The unofficial video on youtube with the bridge jumpers and rescuers is pretty amazing/heartbreaking.

Aye but not as good as ‘This Is A Long Drive’ imo.
Hell of a band. Lot of people like to dump on them though :man_shrugging:

Probably because they arent as timid as pavement and also because they embraced the disco. These people are wrong obvs

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Like for your typical mid western indie rock band theyre prerty out there and abrasive

VERY wrong.
Fucking love Modest Mouse.
Wish they’d hurry up and come back. Everyone was overly harsh on Strangers To Ourselves.
Never noticed the LP had a diff running order to the CD!

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Definitely prefer LCW. Generally think it sounds better, but I just find it pushes itself more - the sad bits are sadder,the bits where they rock out just rock out more, the jammy bits are… jammier.

Trailer Trash is just the best song <3

There pretty much neck and neck for me but TIALD just pips it for me.

Lonesome crowded for me, but that’s mainly cos it’s the first one that got me into them. Had great cooks brain on a matador compilation and it blew me away

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I listen to Dramamine every day, in various moods, for various reasons. That’s why it is art.