The Dawn Parade

Was anyone a fan of this band from Bury St Edmunds and later Cambridge?

I only discovered them a few months ago, I bought all the CD’s from Discogs however thier are tracks I’m missing, if wikipedia is to be believed they had a self titled EP back in 2001 before there official debut EP “Good Luck Olivia” Could anyone who were fans shed light on this? I’m after "the “Hot June Nights” song aswell as “Moonbathers” although Im unsure this was ever released.

I saw them once at the Boat Race back in early 2000 I think and was impressed by them. I don’t really know their release history, as I have a couple of things from them. There was a release of everything they had apparently done when they split, which I have. I’ll have a look to see if those songs are on it tonight.

Great band. I really like their unofficial and only album. They were very popular on here in the early days of DiS. Caffeine Row got 10/10 I think.

I think I’ve got an mp3 of a peel session version of Moonbathers but I’d have to check.

Just checked and the ones I have don’t have those songs, sorry about that

I loved them! I used to stalk them a bit.

Thanks for your reply guys, I appreciate it, I just got Gregs first solo album today and it’s awesome! NickDS thanks for looking.

Thanks anyway Dstean

Found more songs.

Fort of Ambition
Constant as the Stars
Roadside Daffodils
Crushed Velvet Jacket
The Fog

Again not sure if these songs were released or even recorded.

I saw them about thirty times. Took me ages but i managed to track down a Good Luck Olivia single. There were a few others (Caffeine Row was another)

There was a posthumous CDR release that had their album (recorded after they changed their name to The Visions but never released) with most of their singles attached. I might still have mp3s, msg me later and I can check.

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Hey Gunship,

I have these :-

Good Luck Olivia Ep
Electric Fence Your Gentleness Ep
Caffeine Row EP
Underground EP
The Dawn Parade (2006 Compilation)

If you have any extras that would be awesome thanks.


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What songs do you have out of interest?

Their guitarist (Jeremy) was on my history course at Uni, nice chap.

My mp3s appear lost I’m afraid, but from memory i don’t think you’re missing anything.

Thanks anyway

I found a copy of moonbathers but the quality is terrible, days before DAB, I have posted it on YouTube