The day is Thurs and I’m holding on

This thread is gonna be number 1 (for a day)

What’s the sitch then, any late-midweek excitement brewing?

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Was meant to go into the office but binned it off because I don’t want to and they can fire me if they want, quite frankly. I’m tired.

Police helicopter was hovering overhead at 3 this morning and there’s talk on the local Facebook groups of an armed police raid, if that counts as excitement.


It’s back to work. Training day, forced communal lunch which we have to provide and it’s cold.

My relentless perk is being tested.


Taking one of these for a test drive later

Might be a bag of shit but I’m curious because its potentially spot on for what I need.

That is my exciting point for the day. Other than that it’s just a dog walk and maybe a soak in the bath.


My wife has gone back to work today. I have the kids until I go to work at 5. Man is.comingnround to fit a new shower apparently. I’m listening to Yo La Tengo. Good morning

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What is it that you need?

Day 3 of jury duty. Yday every single case was adjourned so got sent home. Suspect the barrister strikes next week means they’re not inclined to start any cases that will run on

Never to take anything bulky to the tip, by the looks of it

Something to get me the 6 miles to/from work at stupid o clock when the weather is too grim for cycling.

You’re not tall are you



Just had two friends get engaged this week

Chill out everyone jeez


Christ alive

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ha, i’m getting a test drive in one of these soon. :slight_smile:


Bill Turnbull has died.


Hiding behind my clouds for the next two days :wave:t2:

Morning @JaguarPirate et al :wave:

We’ve already been for a hospital appointment for F and back home (were actually out before her appointment time). And its good news she had to have a hip exam as they seemed very asymmetrical at her 8 week exam, turns out her hip joints are absolutely fine and shes been discharged.

Currently having a coffee and continuing my Peep Show rewatch. Got baby sensory at 11am then I’ll be popping over to ASDA to get some pop and bits. Also will be popping into the B&M thats on the same retail park to see if they have those giant beers (FAO @Funkhouser & @thesewoodenideas ). Also hoping they’ve started having there Halloween stuff in! :jack_o_lantern::ghost:

Need to do laundry. Don’t want to do laundry.


They have!


Yessss! In that case I’ll be buying unnecessary Halloween stuff too! :tada:

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Also loads of Christmas chocolate and that.


I’m pretty sure I just walked past Rick Wakeman