The Day Named After The Moon

Funny to name a day after the moon, when the moon is most visible at night.

Anyway, here’s a daily thread. Feel free to add in various etymology titbits as you see fit too.

It was a bit cloudy when I got up, but now it’s got nice and sunny, which is nice.

Very few meetings today too - I should shift my laptop into the garden for a bit, in the hope the wireless reaches that far

Think it was named after Marilyn Monroe actually, before that it was called littleTuesday (before bigTuesday)


happy canada day team

Morning. Wish I could’ve stayed in bed today. Ah well.

Going watching m’s drum performance :metal:


I’ve got two (2) very straightforward work tasks to do today, but I don’t really want to do them, so it’ll take all day, four coffees, two wanks, and a nap. Each.


Miserable and a bit cold outside so i’m feeling a bit miserable and cold too. Should go put some socks on really.

WFH, Mr s_w is too but he’s on calls all day so he’s in his home office (shed).

Gonna go make some coffee in a bit I reckon and maybe have a biscuit.

Today will mostly be admin for sorting out flights to Brazil that we need to move, because our kiddo has chicken pox. Wonderful stuff.

Now that we have a bit more time at home, might sort out a new lawn as well in a small mud patch that we currently have.

can’t be fucked lads


the moon is right

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Update - made a great coffee, latte, extra shot with some vanilla syrup. Lovely. Feeling fancy.


2 brilliant weekends in a row. Why are they always over so quickly :sob:

Dreamt I was late for work and then irl kept snoozing my alarm thinking I’d leave it til quarter to 9 to get up until I jolted awake at 8.35 remembering I’m supposed to start at 8.30 this week :grimacing:

Working from the sofa with these fools. Low motivation today. Trying to clear the diary.

Smell you laters x


had the most delicious bacon baguette for breakfast. i added calabres chili honey drizzle and it was divine. thanks coco di mams.

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TBF lads I cannot be bothered. Why do people expect me to work


shall we message each others managers?

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Some workers are doing some very drastic pruning of the hedge that separates our flat from the dual carriageway. It looks ugly and now pedestrians can see into our flat (not my problem in a few weeks thoguh touch wood). Also the hedge trimmers etc are extremely noisy and I can’t hear myself think.

Yeah, please do. My client allocations got reduced a few months ago because I was approaching burnout, but now I think I just cannot be fucked anyway :thinking::laughing:

Just want to run and listen to pop music

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Morning all!

No Child to wake me so I slept until 9.00.

I’ve been out to buy groceries and petrol and we’re going out for afternoon tea this afternoon.

The weather is rubbish but I live in Glasgow snd I’m not sure what I can expect.