The day of the Thurs

Good morning yall.

Got an exciting weekend planned. Can it fo, m from being the weekdays?

Sending everyone extra large hugs this morning x



Gonna do nothing


Forgot to iron the front of my shirt somehow. Going to walk backwards everywhere all day.


Going to get a camera put up me bum.


how tho

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Working from home today bc a tree fell on the train tracks

This is now the filth thread

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Moving day tomorrow. Like hell is that exciting. Cee bee aaa. Saturday involves a trip to see some ATDs to be pub blokes watching eggball and then visit some sludge places and a curry. Sunday will be unpacking.

On the late today. Gotta get my clothes and stuff in the bedroom packed and make a trip out to town for parking permits for the new gaff. It’s all so expensive :sob:

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Another day of practicing how to isolate myself, I reckon.

Take the dog a walk in a bit but otherwise nowt.

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We’ve only seen one other dog all week tbf.

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I had pizza for tea last night and will be having pizza for tea tonight also.


I also had pizza last night also, but will be having the rest for lunch.


Train was properly packed this morning :nauseated_face:

Hi! Going to spend the day doing some work at home then going to my sister’s for dinner later. That’s all the info I’ve got for you at this juncture.

we woke to two inches… of snow (save it for the filthyday thread) so that was a fun surprise.

kids are feeling sick and so am i, so obviously i’ll be going home soon.

we have plans this weekend for a sleepover at my parents and stuff, but that’s on the kibosh

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Got woken up by an absolutely wild hail storm at about midnight. The wind was absolutely screaming as well, never heard anything like it.

Today was meant to be the first day of a work contract in Switzerland but I’m feeling pretty glad they cancelled it now, partly cos it’s nice to be home with the TV while he’s WFH more

Gonna go to Bundobust for lunch :curry:

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i was about to make the joke and then clicked the spoiler tag

thursday filthyard podcast

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