The day of the Thurs

Morning tilty, morning all. Morrison’s has pasta in stock and on offer, if anyone’s looking. I’m on a Jubilee Line train with a driver whose voice is 50% airline pilot/50% HAL. It’s slightly disturbing.

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I could really fancy a Bundobust lunch right now. I was only there on Saturday.

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has pasta been selling out places?

Last time I went they only had macaroni … and every single type of wholewheat

I was given an action cam gimbal as a birthday present which i was so happy with, and today im going to get the camera to go in it - a knockoff gopro thats like 100£ cheaper. Hope its okay. cant wait, genuinely so excited. I bought a book about the best walks in london and im going to film some when the weather is nicer

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I have a smarter working conference today. Seems like a stupid and also boring idea.

Also mild hangover so that’s great too - 5ish pints shouldn’t have this effect ffs

Asda and (my local) Tesco were cleaned out. Weirdly, the rice was largely untouched. Not sure what that says, other than the east London public are better at cooking pasta than rice.

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More like dumber working ammirite

One step at a time

the city of london is noticeably way quieter than normal today

cycled to work in jeans, a bit sweaty now

going to some animation thing in west norwood later

and today is my friday, i’m going to dorset tomorrow

the new pixar film?

nah, short films

I had a dream that it was Friday and I didn’t get to have pizza. Well, more of a nightmare tbh…

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'er indoors has invited someone round for dinner tomorrow. “It’s ok, they like pizza!”

Erm, FUCK OFF. No stranger gets to interrupt pizza time. Might move it to Saturday.


At a very windy train station waiting for a delayed traim :wind_face:
After dropping R off I have to kill time in the town centre for two hours :mask:
Then go to the hospital mh bit, which takes me past A&E and the ominous corona virus testing pod :mask:

Not feeling nervous at all. Nope, totally calm.

remind me never to draft another message on my work email



Pretend yours is some lacto free option so it is just for you?

I don’t like to eat around people. They’ll ruin the whole experience for me.

Fair enough. SFPP is a sacred thing anyway.