The Day of THOR! (thursday daily thread)

Morning kids!

What’s going on with you then? It’s Brighton & Hove Car Free Day today apparently, which coincides nicely with a day where I wasn’t going to use my car anyway. Don’t tell anyone, but I did top up my wiper fluid though, after running out yesterday.

The child is already at school - he’s now doing Capoeira club on thursday mornings, and to be quite honest, I’m rather jealous

Off to Barcelona later. Half day at work first.

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Morning all!

I’m ready for a long weekend.


Morning I have had 2 hours sleep due to being slightly ill. Plus side I have not got Covid from the eldest instead I have got the cold that the youngest brought home from nursery.

Dosed up on Lemsip see if that works meant to be going to Just Mustard at Band On The Wall later doubt I’ll make it.

At some point yesterday when I was pushing my hands into mud riddled with glass as part of a team building day, without feeling it, something lodged itself between my nail bed and my skin. It’s so painful. Hope work will have to pay me an infected thumb compensation fee that I can retire on - is this likely?

  • Happy retirement
  • Happy life of toll
  • Farewell thumb

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Not only is it Brighton Car Free day - it’s World Car Free Day! Might go for a wee bike ride to celebrate.

First up though is a dog walk and then need to pop to the docs to get a blood test done.

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All my neighbours with cars drove the 2 streets to school today :upside_down_face:


it’s “international happiness at work” week apparently. didn’t finish work til 1am. couldn’t be happier.


Finished at 5am. Back up at 7.30am. I m v v sleepy.

Kindve amazes me that Lorraine is on everyday and nothing ever happens on it, never trends or anything


Ah, I thought it was just a local thing, what with our green council and green mp. I’m all for it being a world thing too

A celebrity has a birthday and has a birthday party with drinks. Their birthday present from their agent is that they’ve booked them an interview on a tv show the next day.

“Oh god as long as it’s not This Morning, I’m gonna get hammered tonight haha I won’t be up in time”

“It’s Lorraine”


Oh, the tiredness

Oh, the rain

Yep yep yep

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Er, what?

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The relics of St Bernadette are in town today, my mum thinks I should go and have a look.

Morning all :wave:

Slept pretty badly. Who would have thought that a hotel next to a golf resort would be full of loud boorish financial-advisor-type middle-aged men? Should have asked to move rooms but I kept thinking they’d shut up.

Got a fairly short meeting this morning and then a drive home through the eerie Lincolnshire countryside.

Some intensive gardening day. The ground was full of glass. Got off lightly though given one guy had to sledgehammer some giant stones with no goggles and shards were flying off everywhere :see_no_evil:


I was going to go to this! But I got paranoid I’d be punished for not being Catholic or religious but going to ogle some mummified hands or whatever bit it is?

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Kind of deranged your employer would sentence you to hard labour for a day