The day of Thurs has dawned again

First day of a high dosage course of steroids. I’m absolutely buzzing. Feel like I could run a marathon (probably won’t).

today is a proper godawful crawler innit


What shall I do first?

  • Washing up - will be nice for Avery to get back from the big shop to a clean kitchen
  • Workout - if you don’t do it in this tiny window of time now you’ll probably cba to do it after washing up

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@TheBarbieMovie2023 who’s this cutie tom on countdown

The contactless in the whole town has gone down so a bar lady bought my drink for me


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Really want to be out of this house. Impossible living here :frowning:

Han Solo : Our position is correct, except, no posts in the Star Wars thread.
Luke Skywalker : What do you mean? Where is it?
Han Solo : Thats what I’m trying to tell you, kid. It ain’t there. It’s been totally blown away.
Luke Skywalker : What!? How?
Ben Kenobi : [grimly] Destroyed. By the @mods.

ah. this is me. my entire posting history has been nuked.

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Tom is one of my favourite people in the world and one of my best friends and he’s absolutely hilarious in his own way

If the government lets 3 households mingle indoors him and my ex will be coming to visit me :star_struck:

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Just realised how funny that last Arctic Monkeys album is. Him crooning “quantitative easing” makes me laugh. And “the exotic sound of data storage, nothing like it, first thing in the morning.”


hahahahah now i feel a bit pervy. but he came out with a belter of a word in one of the rounds and he’s all cute and awkward

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I did the washing up because making Avery happy is more important than working on my booty.

‘booty’ is awful, isn’t it? but it’s what all the fitness people call it.


shake dat booty

now i’m singing shake that thing unironically

Oh yeah GAIATRIS is one of the best spots ever on the show imo.

He’s so awkward but uses it to be hilarious. He was drunk messaging me nonsense one time so I sent him emojis to see if he could correctly identify them and I sent him loads of bear emojis and him saying ‘bear’ entertained me so much that bear emojis/images are a whole thing for us now. Also one time he passed out in a bush before an event and when he filmed CoC we chanted “HE SLEEPS IN A BUSH, HE SLEEPS IN A BUUUUUSH. THOMAS CAREY, HE SLEEPS IN A BUSH” from the audience and Rachel made him explain :smiley:

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The shopping centre’s the best bet in this situation. Nice big M&S there. They always have nice toilets.
Anyway, the cathedral’s to blame here. Dickheads should have let her use the toilet.

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‘hindquarters’ is where we’re at


Feeling so unreasonable today too. I know there’s a pandemic and all BUT ughfjfjfjdksbfnf.

I just want to go out and hang out with some friends but none of them seem bothered about even responding let alone just going for a little walk to get a coffee. I am feeling incredibly UNLOVED.

Fuck them all.

Not you guys though, you’re all great :heart:


I very much enjoyed it too

I cant remember what about it made me laugh so much, but the part with the gallery bloke working with his intern to write threatening letters had me howling

The weather’s nowhere near as rainy as they said it’d be, and I already messed with my normal routine by going for a walk in the morning instead of after lunch (I’m surprised by how much this has impacted on my ability to figure out what I want to do)

On the plus side, I’m hoping this means their predictions for the weekend were WRONG, DEAD WRONG