The Day of Thursday


I’m on parental leave looking after a formerly-sick toddler who isn’t allowed back at nursery until tomorrow.

Not quite sure what we’re doing or eating.

I’ve had some nice coffee and I’m not at work, so not the worst start to a day.


On a train that’s late.

Thinking about raffle prizes.

Lots to do today, no real compunction to do any of it.

Lots to do. Event yesterday was a big success so that’s good!

Now back into normal life mode. Well, I say normal life, I’m out tonight, and tomorrow night I’m going to a big posh do and being put up in a posh hotel for work :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Feel like absolute wank, but I’ve got too many deadlines to take another day off work. Also my colleague is having gall bladder surgery today so it’s a bit rich for me to go “ooooh I’m really struggling with one of those annoying illnesses that’s a little bit like flu but not nearly as bad oooooh” instead of holding the fort.


Only marginally hungover today, woke up at 6 needing to pee, drank a pint of water and took a couple of neurofen and I think it fixed me while I slept.

Burger and a Beak show tonight. My stupid 7 gigs in 10 days has gotten off to a good start.

Stuck in traffic, desperately needing a wee :grimacing:

Toby Carvery breakfast soon though!!!


Gonna go for a walk in a sec. Starting work at 11ish and in until 8.30 :confounded:

HOME TIME. Beans and jacky p for tea.

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I’m in the office an hour earlier than usual please stop asking if I have shat the bed.

I’m doing our teenagers parents evening tonight - first time I’ve been trusted to do it without my wife. He’s terrified I am going to do/say something embarrassing. Or dab.

Still feel a bit bleurgh.

Made up a joke though

What did Homer say when he got a French dictionary for christmas?



That is amazing.

EDIT : Watched it 4 times now.

Woke up with a headache, again.

Going to Cheadle for M’s spanish lesson then making a cornflake tart this afternoon after giving myself a craving in that great British pudding thread.


Kiddo has been put in an Xmas pudding jumper. Think it’s quite early, but she looks very cute soo…


Another day in hell

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Youngest is 2 today. Has been throwing up yesterday and today. Happy birthday!


Carpet people fitting new carpet today, hooray. They need to be done by half 12 for me to go to work and they are not here yet, boo.

Should do some work I suppose

Love a new carpet. For at least a day the house/room feels really new and clean.


Trying to wfh. Battling the vpn.
Made myself coffee that is far too weak. Boo.

best thing is we get rid of the stain where v vomited weetabix like an absolute torrent and i tried to clean it with bicarb and for the last 8 years there’s been a weird fluorescent hue to that patch of pink carpet in the hall.