The day of Tues

It’s a bit foggy out, can barely see the 10yo’s school

Who’s got the daylight times?

Today for me is mainly doing Call Sheets & then giving some private tuition in music production to a client

That’s a long fucking day. Probably won’t get home till around 9pm



Going to work then got an evening of buying party food for Vs birthday tomorrow, walking the dog, cutting MrS hair, making dinner and then the cinema to see a play about Gareth Southgate with my mum

Should be fun


Still in bed, not feeling it this morning.
Dropped The Lad back to his uni accommodation last night - place feels quiet.

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Feel gross.
Train to Burton.
4 meetings.
Exhibition launch.
Train home.

Tag team childcare. Normally my mum has C on Tuesdays but she’s worried she’ll catch HF+M so I’ve got this morning, my partner is taking this afternoon.

Normally have pilates and skateboarding on a Tuesday but today I have neither of those things :sob:

Coffee from a “coffee bag”, hotel shortbread, and an amphetamine for breakfast.
Wait to poo.
Drive back to the 'bridge.

Morning all :wave:

It’s drizzly here. Going to work; first meeting is to give someone feedback for a internal promotion they didn’t get :+1:

That’ll be me! Time for today’s :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE :sun_with_face: daylightupdate24

:sunny: :waning_gibbous_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:44 16:38 08:53:57 +3:23
Edinburgh 08:12 16:40 08:28:29 +3:55
Cardiff 07:54 16:57 09:02:58 +3:13
Belfast 08:17 16:57 08:39:52 +3:41
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:53 17:03 09:10:48 +3:03
Manchester 07:58 16:46 08:48:36 +3:30
Brighton 07:40 16:47 09:07:16 +3:08
Carlisle 08:06 16:43 08:37:26 +3:44

Congratulations (llongyfarchiadau?) to :wales: CARDIFF :wales: who have passed the 9 hour mark! Enjoy your daylight :sun_with_face:

And just for all the Swedish DiSers (with apologies if this is the wrong city):

:sunny: :waning_gibbous_moon: :clock1: :heavy_plus_sign:
Stockholm 08:03 15:58 07:55:11 +4:39

three (3) days of company strategy beginning today

kill me now


We’ve got an away day tomorrow, which similarly I’m dreading. In a case of “you couldn’t make it up” it’s in a building we might not have access to due to yesterdays fatal bus crash at Victoria

Dropping my car off for its MOT then I’m going to Tiverton to look around an online retail fulfilment centre. I’m not sure life gets more exciting.

Also service & MOT day today. Will get to work 30 minutes early due to this state of affairs. Unacceptable


Working this morning the heading to my parents for the afternoon, before going to Crystal Palace v Sheffield United.

Usually I pop round my parents for an hour before a game. But as there is a train strike I’m going, and I dont fancy rush hour driving before a game, so I’m making an afternoon of it.

Plus I don’t really fancy driving all the way over to just watch Palace bore me.

Daylight times seem a bit moot here. Looking at the weather forecast there are no sun icons for any hour at all for the next week


Just cut my finger whilst getting a plaster to put on my finger.

alanis morissette scream GIF


Solidarity. 3 days of tender workshopping for me.

Some Work, then Poor Things

Feels much lighter this week, even though it’s grey out. I’m not taking the kiddo to school in the dark any more :raised_hands:


Stockholm has gained about 1h50m daylight since the solstice :sun_with_face:



I was up early so I finished Deathloop before work

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