The death of the pub

“Just going for a shit, Ted”
(landlord brandishes a red card)


‘Bottle of Bishops Finger please’


It was also a Sam Smiths pub that booted out a gay couple for kissing.

IIRC, Sam Smiths refused to comment on the matter at all, which suggests they support it. Fuck 'em.


dont think I’ve ever seen a Sam Smiths in my life


You will have done a lot of them don’t make it obvious they are Sam Smith pub’s until you go inside.

This kind of thing always trips me up in the UK, everything being a chain even when it doesn’t look like it


never experienced any of the aforementioned bad things when I’ve been in a Sam Smiths. lots of phone-using and swearing all around

(obvs that Soho thing is awful)

(and the boss is clearly a [swear word])

Seems like there’s actually only 2 in scotland weirdly though

(And tbf have been in one of them I think)

i got THROWN OUT of sinclairs oyster bar for swearing once, was on my own and said ‘fucks sake’ because i spilled some of a pint

* apologetically asked to leave


Catford Constitutional Club
Ravensbourne Arms
^both of these were Antic pubs, have they all shut / changed hands now?

The pub in Cramond by the river is/was one, that’s the only one I can think of.

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Dunno. I don’t really head up that end of town often

New Cross has lost a couple of decent ones over the past few years…

White Hart - Grade II listed building by the site of the original new crossroads tollgate. Closed basically because their business model relied on being able to stay open to 4am at the weekends and surrounding residential units objected.

Montague Arms - formerly brilliant music pub that got a soulless refit and closed shortly afterwards. Constantly threatened with being demolished but current planning requires at least some of the original pub remains.

However, one that had closed has recently come back from the dead which you don’t see happen that often…


Exactly. If someone is watching YouTube videos with the sound on, or WhatsApping with keyboard sounds switched on then fair enough. But I regularly go for a pint on my own and might want to read the news or something.

So you’re out with the missus and there’s a babysitter at home, and you won’t be checking your phone?

That don’t impress-a me much


Oh man, sad to see The Montague Arms and White Hart have closed, haven’t been round that way in years but remember them fondly. Earl of Derby looks interesting, I had no idea there was a pub up that street!

One thing I quite miss is pubs having public phones and people ringing those to find people. I was brought up in pubs where this happened, and it was almost always funny seeing a member of staff saying, e.g “Has anyone seen Doreen?” whilst Doreen sits about ten yards away with a fag and a pint furiously shaking her head.


Earl Of Derby is our closest pub, but despite having been a couple of times since it reopened I still favour nearby Skehans - best pub in London according to Time Out:

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Bet The Simpsons still do the crank calls to Moe’s though

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