The Decemberists


Looks like a new album is incoming. I hope they return to the pretentious, long song suites - A few tunes apart, I’ve not been too fussed by their last two albums.


I’m the exact opposite! Hazards… bored me but The King is Dead is one of my favourite of their albums.


I really like both, though I thought the last one didn’t really hang together as a full album.

The Crane Wife and Hazards are my favourites.


Always interested in what they put out. Don’t think there’s anything I don’t like, even the lesser albums have some absolutely 10/10 songs on them. And they are one of my favourite live bands too.


I only know the last 2 albums (particularly love the King is Dead)

when I saw them on the last tour I was a bit lost with all the old nautical stuff


Great band. Don’t really think they have a bad album in that discog, and the early EPs are great too.

Best live band I’ve seen as well, Colin Meloy is a pretty thumpingly top front-man.

I’d noticed there was a new track on Spotify, so hopefully that will be trailing a new record.


Never got round to listening to the last album so I should do that first


Love love love The Decemberists. Last album was great, although didn’t quite touch the heights of TKID.


Love The Decemberists so much. I do love the long pretentious stuff e.g. The Crane Wife but I’d say I listen to The King Is Dead more than any of the others. (On a slightly personal note, Colin Meloy has a child with ASD as well so I just find the more personal, heartfelt songs on TKID resonate that bit more)


Did you have to mime the actions of the jaws of a giant whale?


This is the perfect opportunity to rank their albums, right?

  1. Picaresque
  2. The King is Dead
  3. The Crane Wife
  4. Castaways & Cutouts
  5. The Hazards of Love
  6. What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World
  7. Her Majesty the Decemberists


The King is Dead
The Crane Wife
Castaways & Cutouts
Her Majesty the Decemberists
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World
The Hazards of Love


Why does Hazards of Love always get such a beating? It’s the first one I heard and I love it and don’t understand the hate - maybe not having the background contributes.


Just way too proggy and incoherent for me, but the last track is absolutely lovely and one of their best.


It’s my favourite! Very much peak-Decemberists in its execution.


Castaways & Cutouts

are both great. Crane Wife is good to. Need to check out TKID I guess.
I saw them at St Bonaventure’s in Bristol many moons ago and they were wonderful.


The Crane Wife
The Hazards of Love
The King is Dead
Her Majesty the Decemberists
Castaways & Cutouts
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World


I was too lazy to type mine out in full, but switch the top two around and that would be it. :+1:


Crane wife > all the others

(But love then all)


New album called I’ll Be Your Girl out 16 March