The Decemberists


The Rake’s Song is excellent. Can’t really remember the rest.



Yay for a new album!

Bit “hmmm” about the clip from the lead single. We’ll see.


The whole song is on Spotify.


I’ll have a listen tomorrow

  1. Picaresque
  2. The Crane Wife
  3. Her Majesty…
  4. The King is Dead
  5. Castaways and Cutouts
  6. What a Terrible World…
  7. The Hazards of Love

Not a fan of Her Majesty, @AphexTwinkletoes?

EOTR headliners please! (also second the comments asking for more pretentiousness and less straight up folk rock)


Hazards was the first Decemberists album released after I got into them…and I just found it pretty dull. Maybe it would improve if I spent time with it…but I didn’t find it anywhere near as exuberant or colourful as their previous few albums.


It’s just never clicked for me. Feels like a first album where they’re finding their feet, only it’s… not. IDK, if I’m in the mood for that sort of Decemberists I’d always lump for C&C which means I’ve also never built up the familiarity with Her Majesty which means it doesn’t occupy that comfort listening space and reinforces me not listening to it.


Really liking the new song. A huge departure from their usual sound and it works for me. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

With regards to Hazards… I love that too. Took a bit of effort to get into, but I saw them perform the whole thing live and it really clicked. It’s a great album


Number of bands who sound like the Decemberists: 0 (or thereabouts)
Number of bands who sound like this new Decemberists song: Too Many

Are they “doing an Arcade Fire”?


Fair comment, but it still sounds unmistakably like them.


I used to really quite like C&C and Picaresque, but last few times I tries listening to them, I found them a bit annoying?

it’s Colin Melloy’s voice. had no problem with it back in 2004 (fucking hell, fourteen years ago?!), but it just sounds too affected for me now. like he was always a more stagey Ben Gibbard, but I guess that’s not for me now?

musically, it feels a bit like Belle & Sebastian (without the creepiness of Murdoch, obvs). fey, unsubstantial. something like that.

I’ll give them another go. maybe I was in a bad mood.


Give crane wife a go.


I did try, y’know. that one came after I lost interest, so I’ve always wondered.

maybe when spring is on its way. always felt like a spring-kinda band for me.


The King is Dead is a bit less affected than the others i’d say


would love to enjoy another album from them, but I haven’t really since The Crane Wife sadly.

The Tain, Picaresque and TCW.

Castaways s’ok.

THOL and the ones since just didn’t go all that far for me.And sadly, Offa Rex I didn’t love other than the 1st single really.


Hmm, with The Decemberists I think a big part of enjoying them is accepting their “faults” (or characteristics, depending on your position). For example, I’ve never thought Meloy’s voice was that great, but it’s a sufficient vehicle for the songs (as an aside, the lead singer of Pinegrove sounds quite like him…which wouldn’t make me think it was a particularly affected style…)

At their best, they take the aesthetic ethos of many folk songs and turn them into hands-in-the-air indie rock singalongs. Their lyrics aren’t half as clever as I used to believe, but they’re eminently singable. The Crane Wife, in particular, has a surprising number of styles rolled into it…Funk on perfect crime, something heavy on where the war came…a bit like Iron & Wine’s The Shepherd’s Dig, tbh

I’ll stop now. Start me off on 2000s pitchfork indie and watch me go.


aye, I appreciate the appeal of them in theory, still. just didn’t feel it last few times I tried.

I used to be jokingly referred to as Pitchfork on the old Hope of the States board, such was my deep love of Pitchfork-type bands of the time. you don’t need to apologise for being an apologist.

y’know, I really probably just had a few bad days, there. I mean, I still dig the Fiery Furnaces, Danielson, etc. I’ll go back to these guys. it’s fine.


always forget about The Tain but it’s very good.


I really like the Grateful Dead cover they did on the Long Live the King EP