The Decemberists


I really hope they tour this album… also would love them to turn up at a festival. My daughters love them too - I think they’re quite accessible for younger listeners in spite of the rather dark subject material. If someone could please stick Sufjan and the Decemberists on the same festival line-up, I’d be very happy.


Sufjan rarely does them, sorry, but I have high hopes for The Decemberists turning up at End of the Road (where Sufjan played in 2015) this year.


EOTR would be perfect as it’s not too far from where my dad lives. Could easily stay over.


Line up announcement next week sometime :slight_smile:



Meh… Glasgow Academy. :frowning: Will probably go anyway.


Leeds! :heart_eyes:


Probably catch them in Dublin. Always great live.
For vinyl lovers they’re doing a limited version of the new LP (2000 copies) and signing them available from here:


New song is up on Spotify


Just booked Leeds tickets to go with the TV. We have NOT seen them together on the four occasions now when we’ve had tickets so I’m excited to see what prevents us making it as a couple on Nov 10th. Previous occasions:

  • Gig cancelled due to band illness
  • TV had something else come up that had to take priority so I went with a friend
  • I had an absolute shitstorm at work so neither of us went
  • TV was ill and had an exam the next day so only I went


All the best for this time mate.
Got my tickets for Dublin today. Looking forward to the album.


Fingers crossed!

The TV is generally really uninterested in music, but loves The Decemberists. They hold a special place in my heart as a result so it would be lovely to actually manage a gig together!


Gonna have a look at London tickets for this. Haven’t seen them live since 2007 when they played RFH and opened with The Tain. That was quite a bold move, smashed it out of the park, though.

Think they’re a great live band, even if I’ve found most of their releases since Crane Wife a little difficult to love like I did Picaresque and Crane Wife.


That was awesome. Bloody loved that!

I’ve seen them on every tour since Picaresque and always love their show. Wasn’t planning on seeing them this time around for financial reasons, but my dad mentioned he was keen again the other day, so I change my mind.


I saw them way back in 2005 in Glasgow. I was really into them at the time. We did the whale and all that, brilliant gig. Like you, I have not got on well with the new releases after Crane Wife, but I think it is time I saw them again - I’ll get myself some tickets for the November gig.



Cancelled my vinyl pre order after listening to this

might be a grower but not great at all on first listen


Just giving this a listen. It’s not registered as good or bad for me. Definitely more interesting than the last one though. :+1:


Hmmm… We All Die Young sounds like Wizzard. I don’t think I’ve ever compared a band to Wizzard.


Good DiS review