The Decemberists


Fair enough

Don’t really agree on first few listens which is a shame

Will persevere


Haven’t heard it myself yet but interesting to see the different opinions so far.


What’s with lifting the lyrics from Barnaby, Hardly Working by Yo La Tengo on the opening track?


No idea, but they do credit them in the sleeve notes


Crikey, this is (IMO) dismal. I really liked the first half of the last one but this is bereft of any good ideas whatsoever (IMO). Someone convince me it’s a grower please.


Yeah one listen in and it’s really not doing anything for me. And I liked the last one (but not bothered to go back to it since it came out tbh).


Still looking forward to seeing them live as I never have

Few songs are OK on this. Like the first single and thought they may go more that way but there are a few cringey moments on this.

Some of the songs are decent but they have lost all the nice folky instrumentation.

Given it about 5 spins now and still only enjoying the same handful of songs



It’s better than I expected from reading these reviews. A few throwaway tracks, but it hasn’t diminished my anticipation for November at all, which is the important thing.


It’s basically on a par with the last album (i.e. nowhere near their best stuff) - I do like some of the songs on it though, especially that eight minute one near the end.


This is a massive disappointment to me. It’s absolutely horrible, and not because the palette has changed - I don’t mind the synths - but it’s almost completely devoid of any of the wit and intelligence I loved them for. Some of the songs sound so crass, dull, simple or downright unpleasant to me, I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to hear them again.

I’ve seen them live a couple of times before and they’ve always been great, but I’m starting to regret getting tickets to one of the shows in November.


I’m sure the November shows will still be great. They’re huge fun live.


I was expecting this to be bad after reading above but I actually liked it ,some good catchy songs.

I prefer their more recent stuff over the older folky stuff about fairies and magical trees etc.So it seems, if you’re expecting King is Dead with a few synths, you’ll probably like this, if you’re hoping for a return to their the more whimsical stylings, you probably wont.