The Decemberists


I really like that too, it’s the most similar sounding to their first few albums I guess


Slightly frustrating gig. The new stuff sounds even more insipid set directly against the classics. So a weird mix of typically exceptional highs and bafflingly low lows. Crane Wife into Queen’s Rebuke was monumental then all the energy was sapped by something from the new one. IDK, glad I went on the balance but a shadow of other times I’ve seen them.


I saw them in Glasgow and really enjoyed it, with the exception of that same song mentioned by @thesewoodenideas (my wife is from NI & having talked to her about it, it’s definitely put me off).

Some of the stuff from the new album worked well live (Severed was great), some stuff just fell a bit flat (Cutting Stone), and some worked better live than on record (I actually quite enjoyed We All Die Young).

The run of Engine Driver > Bagman’s Gambit > Calamity Song > Crane 1&2 was pretty amazing, but just underlined how much better the older stuff was.


Sounds like they’re mixing it up with set lists anyway but of all songs to play in Ireland like. Hope your mrs wasn’t too upset. Fair to say I’d prefer to hear The Tain if they want to play an Ireland related tribute of sorts.


She didn’t end up going, wasn’t feeling well, so was good she missed it in the end!

And I’d have loved to hear the Tain, they were playing it last year, I saw on the setlists


Had a look at the setlist earlier and saw it on there, presumed it was deliberate and didn’t think any more about it but I guess thinking about it it is maybe a bit much…

The Tain is fucking great yeah even if it doesn’t seem to have any connection beyond the title as far as I can tell


I saw them once and they opened with it.

This was it

Somehow managed to get front-row seats as well.

Re: that other song, odd they’ve brought it back, I remember they caught a lot of flak for it at the time.


Videos good with bunraku style telling of the story proper.
It was indeed a bit much with the stage bathed in blood Red light. Even if not for the content and country they played it in it killed energy and mood anyway.


First time seeing them last night in Manchester

Were incredible start to finish. Even the new album stuff sounded decent (with proper drums rather than the awful drum machines on the album)

Ending on mariners revenge song was incredible.


They’ve closed with this the 3 times I’ve seen them and I hope that remains the case for future gigs. Pretty much the most fun live song ever.


Especially when the giant whale makes an appearance.

Only negative of this song is it reminds you just how great they were


The only time I saw them live, Colin had food poisoning and was off stage a fair bit. The rest of the band filled in with covers of “You Are My Sunshine” and “The Old Main Drag”. Land of Talk opened and were fantastic.

Loved the Always the Bridesmaid singles, especially this one:


They do some good covers, I like their I’m Sticking With You one on Always the Bridesmaid and the Grateful Dead one on the Long Live the King EP


It’s so bad! I think “glam stomp” is one of the worst templates for a song (unless it’s a Christmas song).

I saw them in Nottingham on Sunday. Thought they were excellent, and actually enjoyed some of the more synth-ey new material (Severed especially) live. And Colin Meloy is one of the better band leaders around.


I too like Hey Jude :wink:
Record Year For Rainfall is my fave from that singles series, also like their cover of I’m Sticking With You.


Oh yeh they dropped in a couple of smiths lyrics into some songs.

I don’t think they realised its not cool to like morrisey any more.


Aye he’s being doing that for years now.
His Morrissey covers EP is quite good:


Thought it was interesting that I’ll Be Your Girl was their first album to make the top 10 here (albeit I know you don’t need to sell much these days to manage that)


Forgotten about these - wish they’d collected them in once place.


In lieu of an official collection, here’s a playlist!