The Definitive Ranking Of All UK Big Brother Winners

Not included Luke Anderson cause that’s the only series I didn’t watch any of.

17, Jason Burrill

Absolutely no memory of this guy


He does look like a winner

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  1. Cameron Stout


  1. Sam Evans

Glyn set the standard for young Welsh lads. This guy was BOOOOORINGGGGG

  1. Chloe Wilburn

Looks a lot like Sophie Webster

  1. Rachel Rice

Most undeserving winner ever. Fuck knows how she beat some of the champs in that house

  1. Helen Wood

A genuinely horrible person but she at least made it entertaining

Cameron bored so that Nadia could fly

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He doesn’t look like a winner

(Only remember Cameron so far and remember absolutely zero about him. Fair play to him though for winning the country’s most talked about show, taking 70k and immediately disappearing again forever. That’s the way to do it

  1. Pete Bennett


Everything wrong with the 00s


Do you remember when he did a housemate swap with someone off Nigerian Big Brother

TKC is an Anthony Hutton fan I reckon

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He follows me on Insta which is now on my CV

  1. Aaron Allard-Morgan

First series of BB on Channel 5 was well underrated. This guy was a nob but in the sense that he seemed to be the only person aware of what was going on. Got booed upon winning


Wonder how many of them they rigged the winner

The blonde girl who went onto be a dj- rigged

  1. Sophie Reade

Once got off with Brian Belo on Celebrity Come Dine With Me

  1. Isabelle Warburton

Could actually be higher for making Louie Spence’s prick nephew look an absolute prick.

  1. Brian Dowling

Remember when he hosted it for a bit. Odd

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  1. Nadia Almada


Was a toss up between her and the next place really for this position but she was a bit of an idiot in Ultimate Big Brother

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