The Definitive Ranking Of All UK Big Brother Winners

  1. Craig Phillips


Superb trim on the lad now

  1. Kate Lawler


She once DJed in a club in Wakefield where the toilets once leaked between the floors, above a staircase

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I only watched the first series… but I’m liking this thread. I’m imagining all the japes these people got up to in the house. Probably better than the show.

  1. Josie Gibson

She was on Would I Lie To You the other day so she’s done alright. Good series this

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good when she fell over

that’s the only bit i remember

  1. Brian Belo

Once answered ‘what t is a form of passageway, often built underground’ with ‘herbal tea’ on the Weakest Link

  1. Anthony Hutton


Picture says it all as to why


Knew it


I don’t know the actual answer

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Also claims to be the original creator of TOWIE, doesn’t he?

Best series and best winner

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He got a settlement for it so seems he may actually have been

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Remember the hot tub romp

Have to amend that probably to “Due to a NDA we are not allowed to say Brian Belo created TOWIE”

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Rewatched the whole series in lockdown. Good stuff

Should be last, one of the worst humans ever

You got Pete Bennett and Craig Phillips the wrong way round, but otherwise good list

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Waa gonna do a bonus of most underrated housemate


I saw Cameron in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow once. He was just sat there!

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