The definitive ranking of every Walkers flavour from their main range

Joe Biden Clown GIF by Election 2020


“Salt flavour” at 2, and then “Salt flavour” at number one as well, your tongue should honestly stage an intervention.

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Good flavour

Just when you think this guy has lost it, given up and hung up his fishing rod and threadsmithing hat, here he fucking is. Masterful.


Whos been saying that!!

Oh you know, just the usual gossips and tattletales. I never doubted you for a second.

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Lick the salt, down the tequila, eat the potato chips

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You misspelled “1”

You’re right on Ketchup and Marmite but Pickled Onion should absolutely be main range

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Peter Bradshaw fucking bangs on about ready salted crisps and how great they are in all his film reviews, so this tracks.

Ketchup flavoured crisps are one of my all time favourites but i have never in my life seen Walkers ketchup flavour despite actively looking for them.

Walkers should launch a Ketchup & Shake flavour, you get a bag of plain crisps and a little sachet of ketchup that you squirt all over them


Lays are such a bad potato chip

And vice versa.

Oil & Bake (sliced potato and a sachet of vegetable oil)

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got a new one of these for tomorrow, festive themed.

just posting now to remind myself