The definitive ranking of Kettle Chips flavours

Core range only, no seasonal specials #crispsweek.

Best to worst:

Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn
Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream
Lightly Salted
Salt & Vinegar
Sour Cream & Onion
Thai Sweet Chilli
BBQ Steakhouse
Mature Cheddar & Onion

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Lightly Salted, what a joke!

They’re very nice. I have a small bag with my lunch today.

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Ready Salted are already kind of a disappointment to me so I can’t imagine less flavour is going to help

Swap salt and vinegar with lightly salted. Bottom 4 can be in any order as they don’t exist

Guess there’s two types of people in this world

  • People who just eat oven chips as they are
  • People who have ketchup or vinegar or even shitty mayonnaise on them

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Seeing this data in this form makes me realise that they really have a lot of excellent flavours.

I’ve never tried the Sweet Chilli or BBQ Steakhouse ones but all the remainders are excellent.

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Wish they did a “Naked” version like Tyrells do though

  1. Lightly salted.

  2. All other flavours! They are way, way too salty. Come on people! Think of your blood pressurererer!

Also, the lightly salted ones taste of fried potatoes, which is delicious, and also what they are.

Hello AttackDuck! I don’t believe we’ve crossed paths before, I enjoy your branding.


Got to have some salt & pepper on there at the very least.

Haven’t had kettle chips for years. They always seemed a greasy mess to me.

The best, most consistent crisp maker on the planet imo.

I’d be going for “Julius Pringle” for that title tbh

Hello! You’re very kind!

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yeah those are mid tier imo, I put Cholula sauce on all my crisps these days so I guess it’s academic anyway

It’s a close race between the two that’s for sure.

“Lightly” salted are way too salty as it is

BTW have you noticed that Kettle Chips are the least likely crisps to be on sale?

  • Yeah I’ve noticed that
  • Nope

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Always on offer you madman!