The definitive ranking of Kettle Chips flavours

Solid, dependable and reliable crisps. Think that list’s spot on though I’d bump salt and vinegar to second. Remember when they used to have names like terrible regen NFL teams i.e. “New York Cheddar” and “San Francisco Sour?”

crisps by most to least likely to be on sale

Walkers Sensations
Regular Walkers
Hula Hoops
Kettle Chips

Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream
Mature Cheddar & Onion
Sour Cream & Onion
Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn
Salt & Vinegar
Thai Sweet Chilli
BBQ Steakhouse
Lightly Salted (this is a guess, haven’t tested)

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Pringles are always half price somewhere. I have never paid and will never pay full price for a pipe of Pringles (except for flavours not readily available in the UK)

You guys heard of these new crisps “Kettle Chips”? I saw them on the shelves the other day and I was like, what gives! These chips are for kettles? Last time I checked you put water in a kettle and chips in the oven! It’s like what’s next? Toaster Cola!?


Not far off what I would put tbh tbf

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yeah somewhere but not where I am at that time. Paying full price for a packet of crisps is shameful, I did it the other week because I was desperate and stocks were so low but I felt like a right mug

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look at that prick paying £2 for a 6 pack of crisps they said

Very good post

Thank you very much for the positive feedback, God bless x

Would have Thai sweet chilli higher but otherwise correct.

dont exist

good list otherwise - correct top choice but Sour Cream needs to be in the top 3

Very envious of all the varieties they have in the USA.

Smashed through so many bags of the Buffalo Bleu and Jalapeño flavours when I was there.

I do wonder what the point of these ones are

can get these here

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This is absolutely excellent. Top drawer. 10/10, would read again.

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You’re a very kind person with excellent personal branding. You’ll be a huge benefit to our community.

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I wonder if they are the same amount of salt, but just more carefully placed on the crisps?

Kettle Chips are very overrated imo. Perfectly fine, but nothing more. They somehow manage to fuck salt and vinegar, the very best crisp flavour.