The definitive ranking of Kettle Chips flavours

Always do a ‘funny’ joke to my partner where I point at the bit of the pack that says they’re ‘handcooked’ and say “I bet that was painful”.

As in I pretend that by ‘handcooked’ it means that someone has taken a piece of potato and held it in hot oil, which would really hurt and injure their hand.

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Sorry there seems to be some confusion. This is not the ‘steam in with terrible opinions on Kettle Chips’ thread, it is for the definitive ranking of their flavours (core range only).

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I’ll tell you what though, I do wish Sensations would branch out with their flavours back to the old days. I find their texture to be preferable.

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‘Foods that have changed and are worse as a result’ would be a good thread imo.

Yes, yes

When it comes to This Kind Of Crisp (Kettle Chips, Tyrrells etc)

  • I’m loyal to a particular brand
  • I buy whichever is on offer
  • I don’t eat this sort of crisp product

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speckled with genuine seagull shit

Crispy bacon and Maple syrup is the best flavour. Things like salt and pepper aren’t a flavour, just some seasoning on plain crisps.

kettle chips are poor across the board tbh.

i read that they did something dodgy once but i can’t remember what

Released salt and pepper as a flavour

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it was actually that the crisps caused cancer.

but yeah, that’s an awful flavour.

I once cut the roof of my mouth on a particularly sharp kettle chip

I missed this one! a lot to pore over