The Definitive Ranking Of Pringles Flavours (UK)

Few disclaimers before I start:

  • Info on the flavours for Pringles has come from the Asda shopping website. For some reason the official Pringles website under the UK section has flavours which don’t exist here and doesn’t have basics like Texas BBQ. I therefore may have missed flavours out and will be happy to amend accordingly.

  • This is just current flavours available to buy now. I have not included Rice Fusions or Tortilla ones because they’re all a bit shite

  • I don’t like cheese flavoured things so have never tried the Cheese and Onion or the Sizzl’n Cheese and Chilli ones. They are therefore not included

  • Please, no ‘Pringles are shite’ posts because that’s just wrong

Glad to finally have this codified

  1. Prawn Cocktail

Does anyone actually eat these? I can’t see them being anyone’s go to choice. They are quite frankly irrelevant, pointless, and right at the bottom of the list. Would still eat them in a heartbeat if offered


Will there be commissioning of a cheese edition of this thread, at a later date?

If someone else wishes to do so, please do. I will not be partaking

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Do they differ much from, say, Lays / Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps?

As a CHILD this was my go-to flavour of any crisp, however I’m not familiar with the Pringle form.

Already cross at this thread. Well done.

  1. Sizzl’n Spicy BBQ

I’ve only had these once but they’re a bit underwhelming. Not spicy, and Pringles already do BBQ (a flavour which is very hit and miss anyway) much better. A disappointing addition to a new range

Now from this point on, we are at a level of greatness so these could well be interchangeable.

  1. Smokey Bacon

Usually a go to flavour in most crisps, in Pringles they seem to be a bit left behind. I would never really choose them but they do have an extra level of flavour which means every time I do have some, I think ‘I should get these more’

My wife really likes them. I do not.

Salt and vinegar is best.

  1. Paprika


People always moan about crisps on holiday cause they’re always Paprika like that is a bad thing. Paprika things are brilliant. However with Pringles, I feel like the idea of the paprika tube is always better than when you actually have them. Much like fish and chips or something


Why did they shorten the word sizzling?

  • Ran out of space on the packaging
  • The designer forgot how to spell it and yolo’d it
  • Trying to trick into pronouncing the flavour in a particular manner
  • It’s not the same word as sizzling
  • This is a common way of writing the word sizzling
  • To get people talking
  • It translates better to an international market
  • It reflects the taste more accurately
  • Other

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I really like them, my gf does not

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What a bonkers world we live in!

  1. Hot & Spicy

A bit of a wildcard here as I feel this flavour is dying out, you rarely find it. Would be higher if more widely available but I worry this new Sizzl’n range will see the last of Hot & Spicy. Farewell old friend

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I like these. Finest flavours: Prawn Cockto, Salt n V, Cheesy Onions

In general and including Pringles

  1. Sour Cream and Onion

Weird innit how sour cream is a popular flavour. Wouldn’t touch mayonnaise crisps but would go for sour cream ones. These are a stalwart and deservedly at number 5. However a new contender to the throne has seen this old guy knocked down some places

Might go back to my preferred method of eating Pringles. I have to be true to myself.

“The Flavour That Just Won’t Quit!”

(eg it really repeats on you)

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