The Delays (RIP Greg Gilbert)

Very sad news. He was such a good vocalist, and always great live.


Might be worth changing the headline to mention his passing?

Very sad. RIP.

Very sad indeed. I really enjoyed ‘Faded Seaside Glamour’ when it came out. RIP.

I love every album of theirs so very much. Criminally underrated.

This is very sad news.

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That’s very sad to hear. I do remember hearing a few years ago that he was diagnosed with cancer, so this news isn’t entirely surprising, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic. R.I.P.

On the subject of Delays, I LOVED Faded Seaside Glamour back when it came out. Listened to it all the time. Not so much now admittedly, but I still pop it on from time to time, and it’s a fantastic soundtrack to the summer months. Particularly the first half; Wanderlust up to You Wear the Sun is a hell of a run.

Anyway, thanks for the music and the memories Greg.


Horrible news. I really liked them. They played with Clearlake (whose website I used to run) quite a bit back in the day.


absolutely gutted, this is one of my all time favourite songs, just an incredible banger. RIP man, such a shame.


Man this is sad. What’s a voice, Wanderlust is one of the great album openers. Fuck cancer.


This is so sad. I saw them supporting someone at Plymouth Pavailions once and me and my mate got talking to them and ended up hanging out with them after the gig. Really lovely guy.


Don’t know how, but yes could a @moderators do that?

Long Time Coming is a great track. I saw them support Doves many a year ago - they had a few really nice songs with steel drums on that I’ve never managed to find.

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shit that’s really sad.

What a fucking brilliant song. RIP Greg


aw man :frowning:

I knew he was ill, but this is really sad

never got fully into them, but the singles quenched a thirst that nothing else at the time really did. properly loved his vocals.


hard same. the singles from that album still soar for me like nothing else

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angelic voice.

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Really sad stuff.

His last Tweet shows he was one of the good ones


Oh no…

I still remember being moved to tears by his wife writing about his illness in their first appeal for donations (towards his treatment).

I remember thinking how amazingly brave they were, and what a wonderful family he seemed to have. It’s desolatingly sad that he won’t see his children grow up. RIP Greg.

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That’s really sad. I didn’t follow them, but I have really fond memories of their first album - I went on a road trip across the Highlands and Islands with my mother shortly after it was released and took a big stack of albums with me. Delays ended up being only one my mother liked too, so it pretty soundtracked the whole trip. Still sometimes listen to the singles from it for a nice nostalgia burst.


Incredibly sad, fuck cancer. I’ve not really listened to them for years but will make sure I do today.

I remember seeing them at ULU years ago. Such a great voice.

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