The Delgados

Was just thinking to myself “ah bet they don’t do any gigs in Scotland” but of course they ARE Scottish! Yaasss.


One Level 1 Shepherds Bush ticket cost me £37.15p.

I think I’ve only seen them once before. I had ticket for them about three times but work and adverse winter weather screwed me over.

I remember seeing them when The Koko first reopened. Might have been one of the first gigs put on there. Not many people turned up, the gig was great and I went home actually thinking The Koko was a good venue :roll_eyes:

Looks like it will be £33.80 with Dice when they go on sale with them tomorrow. Not sure whether that’s the stalls or the balcony (or which one I would want to go for!). The balcony is unreserved seating isn’t it? Wonder if I’d prefer a nice little sit down.

Any talk of a new album, or is it just these live gigs?

I saw Big Thief two nights in a row at Shepherd’s Bush Empire earlier in the year, standing the first night and on the balcony the second… couldn’t see much at all standing downstairs, stood on a side bit of the balcony second night and had a perfect view. Think I might opt for balcony for this one.

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I switched to being a level 1 person at Shepherds Bush Empire in the mid-00s. Always a decent view whether you’re sat down or stood.


Is Concorde 2 any good? Thinking a trip to Brighton might be nice for this rather than missioning it across London on a Saturday night :slightly_smiling_face:


The Concorde is a very good venue IMHO. Worth getting there fairly early, as the views can be a little obstructed if you’re not positioned centrally.

I’ll definitely be trying to get a ticket for the Brighton show rather than London.

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Two in the bag for the Barras (always good to buy yourself your own birthday present, eh :smiley: ), had to go through Ticketbastard in the end as Seetickets’ allocation was gone in under a minute.

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Yes! Ticket secured for Brighton.
Just need to remember to book leave now

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The sound is always much better in the level 1 seats as well at that venue.

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Got a level one ticket for SBE in the end.


Ticket booked for Brighton!


Waiting until midday for the Dice tickets to go on sale.

Me too. Hope they’re still there by then!

Booked for Shepherd’s Bush, stalls standing. That was easy.

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Barras ticket bought!


Me too - level 1 at SBE booked :partying_face:

Tempted by the Leadmill (if it’s still going in 2023). I didn’t see the Delgados first time round. Annoyingly when we went on holiday to Toronto in 2003 they played the night we arrived but we were too jetlagged and didn’t have our bearings. It was the only gig worth seeing that trip, sod’s law had we gone a week later we could have seen Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Yo la Tengo supported by Daniel Johnston.

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Omg I’m SO EXCITED. The great Eastern might still be my favourite album :laughing:

I remember the day I bought it, in Our Price in Inverness. Aaaaah.


It’ll be where I’m going. It’s not central (by any stretch), so don’t think you can go to the gig there then catch the train five minutes after they come off stage.