The Delgados

Gutted I can’t make these gigs. Hoping they do some more around Primavera time.

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Anybody fancy a go on a spare ticket tonight, courtesy of lovely kind UncleRetrospective? My partner can’t make it, and I don’t really know anyone else who’s into Delgados. £20 to UR, or a charity, or something. Or not. IDK

Also does anyone know stage times for tonight?

They’ll probably post them a few hours beforehand. Any minute now I should think.

Enjoy! Well, of course I know you will because they’re just sooo fucking good.

Also, really hope people get to see them play (one of their secret best songs) Witness at some point.

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:cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Tempted to mute this thread so I don’t hear anything about this gig.

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Also, the support is excellent by the way. Definitely check him and the band out

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Eurgh. Gross timings for public transport :cry:

Gross public transport options in general tbf

Should have come to the 10pm finishing Brighton gig with me and @AcceptanceIII . Even being in Brighton you could have got back to anywhere in London easier

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Genuinely can’t believe they’re playing Sheffield. Can’t wait


How about Derbyshire? :grinning:

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Everything I could have asked for, just a lovely show. Do realise that I’m kind of bored of people shouting out shite “banter” at bands during gigs, though. Kinda liked it between some songs when people were just kinda reverentially quiet.

(Thanks so much UR, sorry I couldn’t shift the other ticket)


Gig bants-merchants are the worst.


There’s a spare for the Barras tonight going for free on twitter if anyone wants it?

They were fucking great last night. Ten piece band playing songs I’ve wanted to hear live for years. Yes please.