The demise of gaming

Got served an ad on Instagram yesterday for a ‘rollercoaster tycoon’ for mobile. Mainly involved clicking things over and over to get something.

Made me think how many games for mobile rely on pavlov’s dogs… Click repeatedly for more money, more levels, more whatever.

Only game that I have found that doesn’t fit that mould is Polytopia.

Am I doing mobile gaming wrong?

I checked out sometime around Snake.


This is a lot of games now, deliberately design things to be frustrating or slow so you pay more money so you don’t have to play the game as much and so on.

There are good games out there but if you aren’t a big gaming nerd god knows where you would start with finding decent mobile games


Is this a newer rct? :open_mouth::ok_hand:

Newer than what?

The original rct?

All gaming is ‘click here for dopamine’, at its core. The best examples dress it up very well and are worth the journey, mobile games barely even bother to pretend.

The Banner Saga and Superbothers Sword & Sworcery EP were both some clever games that I have played in the mobile market.

Whether either is your sort of thing, though, is another matter.

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pick one


isn’t that basically all technology in a nutshell.

god we’re a useless fucking species.

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It’s RCT3

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I enjoy the free Superstickman Golf games - crazy golf that’s imaginative, great to play and perfectly doable without paying for extras. The new multiplayer game (Golf Blitz) is addictively infuriating and brilliant fun too, although perseverance, patience, luck and grinding are required to progress without shelling out cash.

Gaming is in a great place with superb games in many different genres released all the time but they tend to be for dedicated gaming machines and not mobile phones.

Phones make very limited gaming devices, especially because of the lack of control pad or anything to make sensitive inputs on. If you’re in the market for something that will let you play decent quality games on the go I cannot recommend the Nintendo switch highly enough, I’ve been gaming for nearly forty years and it’s the best games handheld (and one of the best consoles full stop) that I’ve ever used.

Costs a fair bit of £££ of course but it depends where your prioritises lie, I’d rather have a more basic phone and a dedicated game playing device but that might not be for everyone.


I don’t pay that much attention to mobile gaming because I’m primarily a PC wanker with a Switch but I know that there are good mobile versions of fairly hardcore penoid card games like Hearthstone and Eternal.

There’s also been a big push by board game publishers to get their stuff playable digitally and especially on mobile. I don’t personally like Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne but there are faithful mobile versions of them. I have mobile versions of Star Realms, Friday, Onirim and Through The Ages, all of which are penoid board games that I play or have played the cardboard versions of.

Plus there’s those free to play racing games like Asphalt (I think?) and the Mario Kart Tour thing, plus some other Nintendo things. And that’s before getting into console emulators or adaptations of older PC or console games.

There are lots of good puzzle games on mobile.

The Room, for example is definitely worth playing.


Anyone going to get RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile, or Touch, or Adventures, or whatever subtitle they’ve given it, are being sold a fucking mug.

The only one you need to get is RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, because it’s a port of RCT2 with the parks from RCT1, with a few added features like repairing vandalism, new ride track elements for certain rides, and a really amazing guest history system.

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I’ve not played RCT3 since it didn’t run at all on my old pC, I wonder if it holds up these days?

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Don’t own and can’t afford a PC or console so I like mobile games. The mobile version Football Manager is especially good. Quite liked the iPad version of GTA: San Andreas too. Mostly play football and cricket games tbh with the odd puzzle thrown in.

that place where you buy dodgy trainers and knock-off dvds?

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