THE dental thread (rolling until all our teeth fall out)

went to the hygenist today. went ok. didn’t get lectured too much. lovely, pink gums apparently.

got taught how to use an interdental stick properly today (sorry if you’ve already read this)

supposed to bend the metal bit to get round the corner of your teeth, ain’t ya. you can also use the covers as a handle, which I also didn’t know.

what toothpaste you using guys? got me some repair and protect, from those berks at Sensodyne. 3 for £9 at superdrug, but I had a £5 voucher, so just the 4 quid.

£4 divided by 3 = what I paid for each tube


started using a tongue scraper, and my mouth regularly feels cleaner than it does after the dentist.

just using disposable ones at the minute (lidl, each one also comes with a bit of floss and a stick), but am interested in investing in a more permanent solution that i can soak in peroxide or whatever to keep clean.

my teeth are all good except one broke months ago, and i was supposed to get a crown put on it (£400) but the dentist said if i was gonna spend money on a crown i should get a root canal on it first (£650)

fuck off, dental industry

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Fantastic gnashers back here. No fillings, just missing the back two teeth on my left side after being beaten up pretty mercilessly about two years ago and having my jaw sandwiched between a kicking and a wall but nobody can see that. Maddened Joker grin still fully intact. Just use any old toothpaste knocking about atm.

I really need to start getting something to brush my tongue properly. sometimes do it with the brush, but it makes me gag like fuck and i just give up

Been getting on much better since getting an electric toothbrush. Not really happy about what that says about my competence at carrying out basic human being maintenance, but at least the dentist is nicer to me now.

that must have been some kicking, man, as those teeth at the back have tremendously long and strong roots

fuck man!

I use an air floss, the Philips Sonicare one.

It’s decent as you can get it done quicker than an interdental sesh, but now and again I shove the interdental probe in there to make sure everything’s all good.

Did not know that about the brush handles, makes a lot of sense.

Had a crown fitted last week. One of the back ones on the bottom was basically 80 per cent filling and I got sick of it falling apart, so decided to get the crown done. NHS dentist, so only £220.

There was a bit when I got to choose what colour I wanted the crown to be, which I wasn’t expecting. Got a choice of porcelain, silver or gold. Chose gold, obviously.

would quite like one of those air floss things. do you use mouthwash in them, or just straight water?

Mouthwash. Gets it right up there.

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Are you guys private or NHS? NHS here.

Taking my one year old for his first ever sesh at the dentist tomorrow - he’s only got nine teeth so I have provisionally checked each one and they all look fine to me…

Started going back to the dentised again this year after not visiting once in the last 15 years (needed a filling). Bit of a revelation if I’m honest, the dentist got me on an electic tooth brush now and the dental hygenist even has me flossing on a semi-regular basis. Refusing to add up exactly how much it’s cost me (between the dentist and hygenist I think I’m up to about 7 visits this year now) just focusing on the fact that my gums don’t ache to buggery as much as they used to.

private, but I’m also affiliated to a dental school, for the lean times. so I get a free clean a couple times a year, unlimited x-rays n poop and bags of tooth related goodies every time I leave. would never let these babies do any serious work though, obviously.

affiliated ain’t the word I’m looking for, but fuck it

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flossing has been proven to make no difference to plaque levels, or anything else for that matter, bud. waste of time

@anon29812515 will back me up on this with a like

Yeah there was an article about that. Useful for getting bits of apple skin out or whatever.

I saw the study but the data used was somewhat flawed I gather. Either way my teeth and gums feel much better now so I’m sticking with it.

got some serious gum issues at the moment. only on one side, for some and sore as fuck. always get this when my diet is a bit poor. hopefully it’ll settle down after some solid salt water rinses


Went about 10 years without a check-up, before I gave in about 18 months ago and went. And it turned out my teeth were fine! (Had a few fillings as a kid though). Dunno how long I’ll leave it this time.

it’s funny (it’s not) but I went about 8 years without a visit to a dentist and everything seemed fine. it was only when I started going regularly that things started going wrong. I swear these cunts chip away at your teeth when they’re supposed to be doing a clean or whatever.