THE dental thread (rolling until all our teeth fall out)

reeeeally ought to go but keep putting it off. I have a tiny mouth which means it’s always v uncomfortable. Not as bad as real toothache o course so I should stop being a baby.

Get some corsodyl mouthwash


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Just had my wisdom teeth out! They did it under local anaesthetic in the end. Lots of drilling needed, but I think it’s okay now.

A couple of days of pain should be a fair price to pay for an end to the aching and sleepless nights that they caused.

Years ago I got told I didn’t have wisdom teeth (like, an x-ray showed none waiting to come in or anything, they were non-existent), but I can definitely feel something happening back there, so I’m going to get it checked out.

Just signed up for dental insurance through work, so I’m planning on absolutely rinsing that this year.

Someone showed me this yesterday, I didn’t realise that you’re essentially born with all your teeth. Creepy.


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Yeah, x-rays of a kid’s mouth are the stuff of nightmares

Went to a private dentist yesterday for the first time (out of necessity not choice) and it turns out you get treated like royalty compared to an nhs dentist. Everyone’s super nice, explain every step of what’s happening, nothing is rushed. I could get used to this… (can’t afford it though)

It’s just how every persons head is :woman_shrugging:

Ok well I’ve blurred it, sorry for making you uncomfortable

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Yeah a friend of mine on Fb is always posting teethy nightmares :scream: and crabs.

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Does anyone else have experience of hyperdontia? (extra teeth than normal)

I have an extra set of bottom wisdom teeth coming through at the back. Pretty worried as the first lot of wisdom teeth pushed all the other teeth out of line and made things crowded enough, so with even more pushing through I am scared I might end up loosing a tooth further forward in my mouth because of it. Also they are coming through perpendicular to the ones in front, which can’t be good. Got a dentist appointment next week and I don’t know whether to be more concerned about them recommending they are removed, or them being left in to ruin my mouth. It is only causing mild to moderate discomfort so far, but has been getting steadily worse, also so much food gets stuck there and is annoyingly difficult to remove.

The dentist will be able to advise you. Impacted wisdom teeth are very common, as is the issue with food being trapped in there. The problem with the latter is that it can cause decay of the wisdom tooth and the one adjacent to it.

Honestly, the operation to have them removed was fine. It’s going to ache for a couple of days now, but it should make a big difference to me.

Just venting my worries I guess, I know it’ll only be when the dentist sees them that it can be figured out.

I know impacted wisdom teeth are common, but these are extra wisdom teeth and the way they are coming in is that the top of these teeth are pushing into the back side of the regular wisdom teeth in front, which seems very awkward. I guess it is because there is so little room in there that they are emerging at such an extreme angle.

Glad the operation was ok for you, it must be a massive relief to have them gone.

If your regular wisdom teeth had enough room to come through, and your extra ones are now in this position, then you’re probably in a similar situation to many people who have impacted wisdom teeth on their only set. Mine were pretty much horizontal and were causing damage to the teeth next to them. Honestly, your dentist will have seen it all before, so I’d try not to spend time worrying about it ahead of the appointment.

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This all makes perfect sense, thank you marckee :+1:

Anyone know owt about temporary fillings? I had one put in about 4 or 5 months ago and it seems to be fine.
How long will it last?

Has anyone get any experience with getting braces as an adult? Got an issue where a little bit of the roof of my mouth is pinched behind my two front teeth, I’ve got an overbite and when I bite my teeth together the bottom ones will catch this bit and sometimes it gets inflamed, seems like it’s getting worse and my ‘just don’t close my jaw then’ method isn’t really enough.

Wondering about the ‘invisible’ options, how much they cost, what’s the discomfort like, do teeth generally have to be in good condition or will my Coke thinned enamel rule it out. Dentist made me a mouth guard ones, simply couldn’t handle the discomfort so that doesn’t bode well

ngl, the aching is quite painful now.