"The difference between helping and selling is two letters"



Sick of hearing my boss describe himself as creative, fucking cringe. Business is just full of weird people isn’t it?

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A higher percentage of business leaders exhibit psychopathic traits, according to various studies. If you’re someone who seeks to emulate your leaders, there is a high likelihood you will seek to emulate psychopathic behaviour. This is clearly unhealthy, and probably a big contributing factor to why everything here in the rotting cardboard box of ‘late capitalism’ is quite so hilariously banjaxed.

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They all just seem to be the types were who losers at school now trying to be cool


There’s an interesting book called The Corporation by Joel Bakan, who takes the notion that a company, as a legal entity, is a person and asks what sort of person would someone be who behaves like a business. His conclusion is they’d be sociopaths.


Had no ‘commercial awareness’ before this job, I remember finding it gross/vulgar when the office got all excited when a client had signed the contract because I’m such a good non-Tory. Kinda like well done you’ve all successfully manipulated someone into giving you money. Twats.

I just want to work for the council on my own digging up weeds


The difference between slaughter and laughter is one letter


There’s no I in TEAM
Don’t assume; it makes an ASS out of U and ME

The difference between breakfast and greatfart is three letters

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Rule #1 in business: stick it up the flagpole and see who salutes

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ABC - always be a creative.



Gonna be well tory here and say that everyone should have some level of commercial awareness. If you don’t know where the company you work for gets it’s money how do you know if you’ll have a job in the future

We’re all quite lucky the days seem to have gone where there would be a big bell attached to a wall that a salesperson would go and ring if they sold something and then would do a little speech about what it is they sold and how.

I cringe at my past workplaces.

Still happens…

How much washing up could you do without any washing up liquid?


“racecar is racecar backwards”

i will make a note of this

i tell my wife that i’m a creative now because i can do extremely basic things in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. and it annoys her. which is why i do it of course.