The Dillinger Escape Plan

Anyone a fan? Greg Puciato’s solo album is out now a few weeks early after a leak. Think it hits spotify etc on friday


Yup definitely. Think it became de rigeur to claim that they turned shit after Calculating Infinity among certain types of fan but actually I like a lot of their later stuff too. Ire Works is great fun if you don’t mind some bombast with your metalcore

Yes. Never saw them live which is a regret of mine. Been listening to Greg’s album for most of the day - it’s pretty good!

i meant to listen to that album greg did vocals for a year or two ago but never got around to it. was it any good?

woudn’t go that far. I like MM and Ire Works had its moments, but something did get a bit stale though and it became variations on a theme at some point.

Took my first mdma to them at reading festival in like 2005. Never listened to them again until I ended up at what I think was thier last ever show, with Mike Patton. Enjoyed them both times. Was surprised the second time by how much they seemed to care about thier appearance.

Calculating Infinity is a classic, the EP with Mike Patton is probably better. They got really dull though when they tried to be a NIN/Faith No More hybrid.

Still pretty mad that a band like them got as big as they did

I love Calculating Infinity but I have to say the last two albums are my faves. They sound like they’d been working towards them their whole careers.

On MM and Ire Works but I always thought it was a bit clunky how there would be a melodic tune and then a heavy tune. On the last two they combined the poppy side with the crazy heavy jazzy side in the same tune. Check out something like When I Lost My Bet for example.

Also, Greg’s vocal performance on Dissociation is ridiculously good.

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MIss Machine gets slept on a bit I think, doesn’t help that Unretrofied is a bit of a clunker and they made that a single

This as an opening track is punishing


Greg is one of my favourite vocalists. Think I had 2 DEP records in my top 50 of the last 20 years when we did that, last year.

Best time I saw DEP was Hevy 2015, i can definitely see the NIN comparisons with the left show, lots of strobing and all that but I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

As I’ve said elsewhere this week, I love the first Black Queen album too, the second one is fine, but lacks something. Only given Greg’s solo one, one listen so far but i reckon it’s gonna be something I listen to a lot, I like that he’s melded the electronic and heavier sides in the way he has.

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I was a huge fan around the age of 17-20, loved ire works and they really shaped the direction of my music taste and shoved me into my metal phase. Saw them live in 2008 and it was so fun, my friend and I shoved our way to the front, was the first gig I think I went to that I paid for properly rather than something at the student union at university. Greg is such a good vocalist, at that age i really got attached to songs and vocals and even though this genre doesn’t do it for me anymore i feel really happy listening to my old DEP favourites like unretrofied. Also horse hunter with Brent Hinds from mastodon (another band I loved around that time) was so good, definitely in my top 20 collaborations (and I love a good collab). Will always have a soft spot for this band


remember seeing them at Leeds Cockpit when I was 18 or 19 supported by Between The Buried And me (another band who made a couple of phenomenal albums and dropped off) and was blown away when Greg held a giant speaker up with one arm after nearly knocking it off while carrying on singing. Strong lad

Really liking Greg’s new album – have listened to it quite a few times now. It’s kind of all over the place but in a good way

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Love them, love all the albums. Can’t see me enjoying anything that’s not all of them together, but I’ll give it a go.

Liam is in these and they are great

CI is far and away their best album. 10/10 album. With the exception of Miss Machine (which is still good, but very much a transitional album), everything they’ve done is an easy 8/10

Looking forward to Greg’s album

First time I saw them I was sixteen I think, at the Bierkeller with Sikth supporting. That was a huge one for me. Pretty sure it was the original singer. Second time was with Cult of Luna and Beecher at the Fleece, which has to be one of my favourite gigs. Crazy that through that whole period when I was intensely into them they didn’t seem to really put anything out and it seemed like forever till they actually released a new album. Waited so long for it, and I was in Australia when it finally arrived. Had to make my way into Sydney and buy the CD, then listened to it on a shitty Walkman as I was travelling about. Great memories. Think the production sounds quite bad on Miss Machine though? Dunno, struggle to listen to it now. I’ll slap on Ire Works if I want my DEP fix.

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You know what band had a bigger influence on music at the time then we all realised

Genghis Tron


That tour was off the chart :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Each band was bang on point at that stage

Calculating Infinity was the one. Bought it and Celestial by Isis on the same day and they had a fairly significant impact. The original singer Dimitri was better i reckon but a lot more one dimensional. Greg helped them move more in the faith no more direction.

I don’t think they turned to shit particularly, but each album did seem to get worse and worse but with some bangers thrown in. Saying that, Miss Machine is absolutely brilliant also. When they toured that with Poison the Well it was well party.

Saw them a few times in that era and then occasionally as the years went on. On record they got less and less interesting and even though i thought Option Paralysis was ok, seeing them on that tour was awful. They came across like a pastiche of themselves. They’ve always been a ridiculous live band with plenty of farce but this all felt so much more forced and a deliberate part of the act. I dunno, the whole gig came across like it was being filmed for a kerrang special and everyone was performing a bit too much. Its probably me but yeah, too much of a slick rock show. That night was pretty much the end of my relationship with them which was sad.

Still, incredible band and had a profound influence on both hardcore, and heavy music in general.

Greg was also involved in this audio/visual project which just came out. Experimental noise type stuff if that’s your bag…

Any excuse to post this great video of some running on people :smiley:

and this is a fun vid

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Still the most exciting/terrifying gig I’ve ever seen - in Nottingham Rock City touring the Irony EP (with Icarus Line supporting) - not heard of them before that and mate asked if I wanted to go - listened to a bit in the car but was not prepared for full spectacle, Went up to the front - Really loud and band were doing whole leaping/ running over the crowd, flying guitars, Ben swinging upside down on the lighting rig playing incredibly. Found myself clinging on to mate for dear life at one point before getting screamed at face to face by Greg (got to have a quick chat with him after).

Saw them again at Leeds that year and Again touring Miss Machine - still great but not quite the same magic.

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