The DiS Academy Awards 2020

I just really love collecting data and I’m bored, leave me alone

Vote for your favourites from the past year in the following categories. The top 10 in each will be official nominations. Post em in here or DM them, I don’t care.

Vote for UP TO 5 in each category
Best Picture:
Best International Picture:
Best Actor (any gender, it’s 2020)
Best Supporting Actor (any gender, it’s 2020):
Best Director:
Best Cinematography:

Thanks to @JaguarPirate for the support

Submissions open until 23:59 on 31st January




Q: When you say past year what dates do you mean?
A: I don’t know, just feel it out

Q: How do I discern between what an actor and a supporting actor is?
A: I don’t know, feel it out

Q: Once I’ve submitted my list can I make changes?
A: No

Q: Are you okay?
A: Not really, having a bit of a crisis

Q: Can I nominate the same films for Best Picture and Best International Picture?
A: Sure you can


Love you Jookey boy

I love you too @anon5266188

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You can also nominate films for

Best Animated Feature
Best Documentary
Best Short

if you give a fuck

I try to do my bit for charity

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Wait this is just things we genuinely liked rather than anything limited by the actual Oscar noms?


You can pick from any films from the last year. Any of them. Just because the Oscars snubbed J’Lo, doesn’t mean you have to.

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Q: Are you okay?
A: Not really, having a bit of a crisis

Is there anything myself or the community could do to help?

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Just keep humouring me x


Just going for what I’ve seen over 12 months, still waiting for Parasite to be in the cinema.

Best Picture: The Farewell
Best International Picture: Burning
Best Actor: Scarlett Johanson
Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci
Best Director: Lulu Wang
Best Cinematography: Pawel Pogorzelski

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Can somebody be really funny and pick an American film for Best International Picture?

You can nominate more that one in each category if it pleases you

Struggling to think of anything I’ve seen that wasn’t bait or little women




It’s hard to run a little award ceremony in my head if I don’t follow academy rules.

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Best Foreign Disser goes to… @NeilYoung!


Literally only seen that Star Wars film this year so all of that, Daisy Ridley as best actor, whoever was in the Chewbacca suit as best supporting actor.

The sausage and the rainclouds