The DiS Academy Awards 2020

My favourite film of the year

Oh right

It’s a Disney film it’s about an animated cow and his sausage


I’d watch a thing like that

BTW, do you agree with my assessment in that other thread that a cow’s favourite pizza topping would be “grass”?


It’s that or clam chowder

On a pizza?

Best Picture: Parasite
Best International Picture: Burning
Best Actor (any gender, it’s 2020) Jim Cummings
Best Supporting Actor (any gender, it’s 2020): Florence Pugh
Best Director: Ari Aster
Best Cinematography: what does this mean?

Yeah you’d need a decent crust but they’re discerning beasts

I don’t think cow would like “clam chowder pizza”

No, do not do this, it always goes terribly and everyone is horrible to me when I politely point out how terrible it is.


Depends if they’re from Boston then they’d be all mooo giz a kwarta fa da peeza chowda on the cawner

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story foury
Best Documentary: Icarus…was that this year? Liked that
Best Short: Denim or a swimming short

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In Boston they call “cow” “cahr”


I’m automatically counting any foreign best picture noms in the best international picture category too, don’t you worry


Icarus was 2017 so I’m not counting it. I’m so sorry

If you aren’t you will be

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Best Accent 2019: Robert Pattinson (The King)