The DiS films of the decade thread - VOTES and/or CHATS

So there’s been a lot of “best things of the 21st century” chat lately, but we still gotta give the 2010s their due, proper banging decade. In that spirit, let’s get voting on your favourite films released in the UK since January 1st 2010 (IMDB UK release is what I’ll be going off of, apologies/fuck you to our international readers). Number and rank your favourite 5, 10 or 20 films - haven’t quite decide how or if I’ll weight them yet, but the more votes the more data there will be to work with.

Feel free to post lists in the thread, PM me them, and throw general abuse around at other user’s truly awful taste in films.

Will be keeping this open til the start of next year to give people time to include any December releases they’re especially keen on. I’ll close with an inspiring quote that a smartguy once said:

“How, as a human being, does one face infinity? Through lists … We like lists because we don’t want to die.”



I think it’s that superhero one with the purple large chinned lad



You can still go for it by USA dates, I’ll just come nag you to take out a couple that might violate the guidelines :slight_smile:

Well I’ll dabble then, consulting my list. I’ll go with:

  1. The Act of Killing
  2. A Separation
  3. Under the Skin
  4. Bone Tomahawk
  5. Birdman
  6. We Need to Talk About Kevin
  7. The Babadook
  8. Stories We Tell
  9. Faces Places
  10. The Irishman
  11. The Death of Stalin
  12. The Look of Silence
  13. Boyhood
  14. Amour
  15. Brawl in Cell Block 99
  16. Upgrade
  17. The Yellow Sea
  18. Free Solo
  19. Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot
  20. I, Daniel Blake
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I am looking forward to participating in this thread.


Oh damn you’re here

What a horrible response.

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I put it right there in the OP!

Finding Frances (2018)




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I’ll let it slide for now JP

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‘Birdemic 2: The Resurrection’

  1. Blue is the Warmest Colour
  2. The Skin I Live In
  3. The Hunt
  4. Blade Runner 2049
  5. Intouchables
  6. Blue Valentine
  7. The Lobster
  8. Samsara
  9. A Royal Affair
  10. Under the Skin
  11. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  12. Whiplash
  13. The Muppets
  14. Victoria
  15. Four Lions
  16. Wild Tales
  17. Paddington 2
  18. The Raid
  19. All is Lost
  20. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
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This is a serious thread guyssss

I was 100% serious.

Been some good sci fi hasn’t there?

The Martian and Interstellar were good, but my vote goes to Arrival.

Was there an official vote thread? Search results are inconclusive.

Only ask because my most vivid film memory of recent years is of Moonlight ending and sitting there just thinking ‘fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’ for about an hour.

Same to a lesser degree for I, Daniel Blake and Son of Saul.