The DIS Forum Album Of the Year 2018


For run the Jewels not to be confused with E Lp marketing.

I’m so sorry


There’s probably something in that. As a physical format junkie I’m currently enjoying my pink vinyl copy of the Freddie Gibbs album and hoping that Whack World will come out on vinyl.

The contrary argument is that the fact that all this music is available pretty much free means there is no excuse for not exploring music outside your ‘main’ genre. Surely when people had to actually pay for records if they wanted to hear them it was less likely that someone that was ‘mainly’ and indie listener would investigate a hip hop album?

If I thought that people actually discovered new music by looking at what was in the racks at the local record shop your point would be a strong one. I think the bigger problem is that people are actually largely discovering music via algorithms that suggest stuff that is like the stuff they listened to last week - leading to a paradox of more availability/less discovery.


Oh I totally agree with you there, I’ve never been a fan of letting Spotify or iTunes or whatever feed you what it thinks you should be listening to based on an algorithm.

I think that streaming can and does encourage people to listen outside of their comfort zones although I also think that genre preferences will always be a thing. The amount of music you can stream is mind boggling and having favourite genres can help to make it more manageable as long as it’s not a box you can’t escape from. For all the hip hop people might branch out into listening there will always be J pop records, metal records or folk or whatever that have to pass us by. No one gives every genre a fair crack because we’ve only got two ears and 7 days a week.


Of course there’s always stuff we miss and we all have genre blind spots but nothing would bore me more than listening to the same sort of stuff all the time - if I find myself in those sort of ruts I go searching for something completely different. Even though I’ve never really got on with metal for instance I still try to listen to the heavy albums that people are raving about - often it’s not for me but sometimes things really stick and it’s great to have your horizons enlarged. It’s so easy to do nowadays.


It’s something I feel strangely guilty about, but I listen to precious little hip hop these days. I used to love it, but I guess the style of hip hop I liked has gone out of fashion somewhat. I was always picky about the sound of rapper’s voices, and that seems to have got worse the older i’ve got. I keep trying, but I don’t find a lot of modern hip hop very appealing (particularly anything trap based, or excessive use of autotune), and I find a lot of styles of rapping a bit off putting.

I’m also a total lyric heathen, which is obviously a bit of a non-starter when it comes to hip hop. I like the sounds of things rather than what the words mean. That said, I still get very easily put off by too much braggadocio or bitches and bling style lyrics. I’ve always found the production side of hip hop more interesting and involving.

I love the abstraction of Shabazz Palaces and Anticon style stuff, and always loved the looser end of hip hop with Blackalicious, The Roots and Jurassic 5. The Kanyes, Kendricks and Jay-Zs of this world do absolutely nothing for me.

I think i’m basically just shit with hip hop. :slightly_frowning_face:


Lamar’s Damn finished in 8th position in the 2017 user poll. The top three was all “indie”.


Well exactly, I’d agree with all of that. Interesting to note that not having things in your favourite list of the year doesn’t mean you aren’t necessarily trying them (like with you and metal). I tried that Saba album several times and I’m afraid it didn’t do much for me. Sorry.
Anyway we have reached consensus I think: yay music, variety is the spice of life, there’s a lot to love in hip hop beyond kendrick.


There’s still stuff out there for you. Try the album this is from:


Will give it a whirl, cheers!


Talib Kweli forever!


:heart_eyes: Train Of Thought 4 lyf




Seriously chuffed Fucked Up, Drug Church and Self Defense all did so well, also this:

yaaaaaas :muscle:


I think that explanation is a pretty correct analysis of how the results end up like they do - most Dissers probably like a variety of genres (at least in my experience) but what vaguely falls under the indie umbrella is more of a common denominator than the others. I’ve got wide ranging tastes (electronica, jazz, ambient, folk, gospel and reggae amongst others) but shoegaze/indie-rock/post-rock (file under indie) is my main love and I still had my top 5 featuring 3 “indie” LPs. Even if it was most Dissers 2nd or 3rd love and people only filed 1 or 2 “indie” LPs in their top 5 I still think we’d see quite a similar list.
I have probably confused matters more - I guess this is a long winded way of saying I get what you mean and I think you’ve done a good job at interpreting the results!


Ooo, i had no idea edan had done anything recently. Will check this out.


As if anyone posting on this website is under 25




How many of those 50 albums would people consider to be broadly ‘indie’? 40? 45?

fwiw I only like a couple of albums in the list but I still think it’s a pretty great list, which seems to cover a huge spectrum of music even if a lot of it broadly fits under the ‘indie’ heading. Despite spending too much time on DiS there’s still a fair few artists I don’t know at all and maybe those make it a more or less interesting list, I don’t know.

Even with the monthly album votes I’m generally surprised by the results - which probably just reflects where my interests lie and therefore the posts I have taken most interest in.

Anyway big thanks to @Prob500 for all the amazing work.


I used Spotify to make a playlist featuring the most popular song from each of the above albums. If it’s of use to anyone it’s here:


Because they dont actively seek that type of music unless its a obvious, unignorable, cultural event. I mean there is only so much music you can listen to