The DIS Forum Album Of the Year 2018


That’s a good trait imho but I think it means that you underestimate how happy people are to listen to very small variations on the same theme over and over. Lots of people really don’t try out that many especially “different” things, or if they do it’s only a cursory listen and not enough to fall in love with it. I used to prefer listening to third rate 90s indie knockoffs rather than the best folk or hip hop, just was comfortable and enjoyable and gave me the exact emotional kick that I was looking for.

Can be hard to fully appreciate that if you have a different mindset of course, but I think it might explain some of your apparent discontent from these sort of DiS lists.


Also very glad to see Young Fathers so high


I think in my case it comes from having my musical tastes shaped to a large degree by John Peel when I was a teenager - the very opposite of having your listening suggested by an algorithm.


I think this is was a lot more true 20 years back than today when music was more tribal. There are good and bad factors about the way music is listened to these days but one major plus is that people are lot more willing to listen to multiple genres. I would say particularly on DiS that maybe <10% will listen to just one genre…this is pure conjecture based on my experiences on the forum


Yeah, I’d say you’re about right on the <10% thing. My music tastes are fairly dull and conservative (i.e. mostly straightforward indie rock) but I give other genres a listen to when recommended on here and from friends.

20 years ago and prior to that you’d have to take a financial risk if you wanted to listen to a new band. The most you’d have is a free song on a free tape from The NME etc. Obviously not the case anymore.

Typing this has made me slightly angry again that Sons Of Kemet didn’t win The Mercury Prize and Wolf Alice did. Sorry, just a train of thought that went off when typing.


Conservative or not…you have good taste in my book!
Very good point about the constraints around listening back in the day (streaming has not been great for artists but a major factor of musical experimentation amongst listeners).



No Sophie?

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